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Sunday 24 Mar 2019 - last update: 15:10:53 UTC
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Italy Bans Unvaccinated Children From Going To School
Monday was the deadline for parents to provide documentation proving their children had received 10 compulsory vaccinations and if not they risk a government fine. The controversial new law was passed to raise Italy’s plummeting vaccination rates from below 80% to the World Health Organisation’s target of 95%......
Källa: newspunch
Boeing disaster: Europe bans 737 max planes over Ethiopia crash
Nations are massively closing their airspace for Boeing 737 MAX planes over the deadly crash in Ethiopia. At least 27 airlines have now grounded the Max 8......
Källa: southfront
John Pilger: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies
Should the CIA stooge Guaidó and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies. A fire sale of Venezuela’s utilities and mineral wealth will surely follow, along with the theft of the country’s oil, as outlined by John Bolton.....
Worldwide Effort to Restrict Everyone’s Right to Travel Is Close to a Reality
According to a recently published white paper there is a worldwide effort to restrict the right to travel of everyone. And you will not believe how the U.N. is involved......
The Moneymasters (1996)

Oligarchy - the cancer in human history

I, pet goat II (2013)
A prototype of the Russian advanced Mi-29NM “Night Hunter” attack helicopter is testing a new guided missile in Syria, TASS...The post Russian Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter Is Testing New Guided [...]
Islamists belonging to the terrorist-linked organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir held mass prayer at Christiansborg in central Copenhagen on Friday. At the same time, the immigration-critical party, Stram [...]
This bill would deepen Israel’s access to grotesque weapons of war that have been developed by the U.S. military but have also been banned for use by American troops. [...]
Myths and misconceptions about the Byzantine Empire (of which Russia is believed by many to be the spiritual and political successor) abound. According to these prejudiced views, it was a backward [...]
Three suicide bombers of ISIS blew themselves up on March 24 in the town of Kairouan in the southern part...The post Three ISIS Suicide Bombers Blew Themselves Up In Iraq’s Sinjar appeared first on [...]
The US Navy is to boost its versatile SM-6 missile with longer range and higher speed, the Drive reported. The...The post US Navy To Improve Its Versatile SM-6 Missile With Longer Range And Higher [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) uncovered loads of weapons and military equipment during recent search operations in the countryside of...The post Syrian Army Uncovers Communication Systems, Surveillance [...]
This post is based on article released by The Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) 115th Squadron “Flying Dragon” is the aggressor...The post Israel’s Air Force 115th [...]
European history is a long tale of revolt and revolution that has changed the course of our nations; England 1642-51, France 1789-99, Russia 1905 & 1917, and so on and so forth. Events such as these [...]
The ISIS-defeater club seems to be expanding, as the UK, France and Estonia among others also announced they had, in...The post ISIS-Defeater Club Expands, But Who Really Defeated The Caliphate and [...]
It’s important to mention that multiple countries have now completely banned Wifi and cell phones around schools, young children and [...]
Authored by Veronique de Rugy via The American Institute for Economic Research,A lot of attention and ink are being poured these days in trying to explain to a generation of voters why socialism [...]
In the early hours of March 24, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a barrage of heavy rockets at the...The post Syrian Army Eliminates Ten Terrorists In Southern Idlib appeared first on [...]
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,Well the worst Putin Puppet of all time is at it again, this time tweeting that the US must recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel despite the [...]
A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan: The Kabul government continues to voice concerns over the direct talks...The post Military Situation In Afghanistan On March 24, 2019 (Map [...]
A brief overview of the recent developments in the area: Militants launched several munitions containing toxic substances at the residential...The post Map Update: Situation In Idlib De-Escalation [...]
DEAR FRIENDS, Since the start of March, SouthFront has collected 1392 USD. This ia about 27.8% of the minimum monthly...The post 7 Days Left To Allocate SF Minimum Monthly Budget appeared first on [...]
On March 23rd, Venezuelans took to the streets in an “anti-imperialist march,” marking 1 month of the failure to enter...The post Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Colombian Paramilitary Chief [...]
A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria: Militants shelled al-Rasif and al-Azizah in northern Hama with shells containing...The post Military Situation In Syria On March 23, 2019 (Map [...]
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has vindicated Donald Trump by announcing that he has no intention of prosecuting the President of the United States. According to Fox News, ABC News, CNN and others, [...]
In my work analyzing the behavior and motives of globalists I often hear people question the validity of the label. Sometimes this is done by those who are purely uneducated about the background of [...]
British Prime Minister Theresa May will be replaced in the next few days with a pro-Brexit leader, according to reports. Members of her cabinet are preparing a coup to oust her, with The Sunday Times [...]
MSNBC’s resident conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow burst into tears on-air upon hearing that Robert Mueller had vindicated President Trump. On Friday, after it was revealed that Mueller was not [...]
A brief overview of the recent developments in Yemen: AnsarAllah launched a fierce attack on Saudi-led coaltion positions at Wadi...The post Military Situation In Yemen On March 23, 2019 (Map Update) [...]
Scientists have been given the go-ahead to begin research on resurrecting brain-dead patients using stem cells. U.S. biotech company Bioquark will attempt to stimulate and regrow neurons on 20 [...]
Google deliberately built biases into its search results in order to rig the election in favor of the Democratic party, according to stunning new research. The study was conducted by Dr. Robert [...]
Former CIA officer Robert David Steele warns that the Christchurch mosque shooting bears the hallmarks of a classic ‘false flag’ operation. In an interview with Tehran Times, Steele [...]
A final batch of Clinton emails that Hillary tried to delete or destroy includes several classified emails and communications with controversial figures Lanny Davis and Sidney Blumenthal. On [...]
By Thierry Baudet | 22 March 2019 COUNTER-CURRENTS — Forum for Democracy (FvD) is a Dutch populist party that entered politics in 2017, gaining two seats in our Parliament. In the [...]
One of the addictive kingpins of the (p)harma-quackery industry and the corrupt FDA are benzodiazepines (aka benzos), such as Valium Halcion, Klonopin and Xanax. Pill pusher “physicians” [...]
16 July 2009 THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD — Eight Australians spent a night in a Fiji prison cell after police, alerted by frightened residents suspecting sorcery, raided their Freemasons [...]
Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,At a high-level meeting in Rome this week, it seems that Russia reiterated a grave warning to the US – Moscow will not tolerate [...]
23 Mar 23:46
~ Raw audios will post on the evening of April 4th, edited audios and chapters will post on the afternoon of April 5th ~ By [...]
23 Mar 23:40
Via,It’s “Totally Incorrect” week here at Casey Research...We’ve shared Doug Casey’s uncensored insights – on topics ranging from the climate change hoax to the next [...]
23 Mar 23:33
~ Interview audio will be posted on Thursday, March 28th by 6pm CT ~ “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should [...]
23 Mar 22:28
The book Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich documents the Allied atrocities against Germans toward the end of World War II and during its aftermath. [...]
23 Mar 22:03
(Natural News) A burger isn’t complete without a plate of salty, greasy French fries. [...]
23 Mar 22:02
(Natural News) Because of its bud-like appearance yet pungent smell, garlic gained the [...]
23 Mar 22:01
(Natural News) Made from ground, dry roasted peanuts, peanut butter is one of the most [...]
23 Mar 21:50
Authored by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning,MMT supporters will point to 2008 and say, “Just look at QE. In 2008, the Federal Reserve Balance sheet was $800 billion. But as a result of QE1, [...]
23 Mar 21:35
In the late hours of March 23, unknown militants launched several munitions containing toxic gases at the residential areas in...The post Breaking: Militants Attack Residential Areas In Northern Hama [...]
23 Mar 21:30
2019/03/23 21:30:01Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic [...]
23 Mar 21:23
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says that the 1999 NATO bombing of then-Yugoslavia was the “right” move. “I still believe that...The post German Foreign Minister: NATO Bombing Of [...]
23 Mar 21:05
Authored by Daniel Payne via The College Fix,How is choosing your age different from choosing your sex? A scholar in Finland recently proposed a novel new legal concept: The ability of people [...]
23 Mar 21:04
Dane Wigington The clock continues to tick toward midnight on Earth, but the great awakening may finally be picking up momentum. Can our collective efforts to wake [...]
23 Mar 20:45
Okay, I am not usually one to post transvestigations, as I think it is something of a distraction, but [...]
23 Mar 20:40
Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog The Robert Mueller investigation which monopolized political discourse for two years has...The post Caitlin Johnstone: “The [...]
23 Mar 20:10
Authored by Martin Feldstein, op-ed via The Wall Street Journal,The most dangerous domestic problem facing America’s federal government is the rapid growth of its budget deficit and national [...]
23 Mar 19:59
A team of highly-trained British military personnel, located in no less than a “nuclear-proof bunker” under the UK Ministry of Defence, have been “activated” to prepare for a doomsday no-deal [...]
23 Mar 19:37
SVT’s newly employed veiled news reporter Cheyma Moufid is the daughter of an imam in a mosque in Stockholm – the same mosque where the arrested terrorist Sahib Zalouti who wanted to [...]
23 Mar 19:05
Tulsi Gabbard now: Tulsi Gabbard then (2015): People change. Maybe she changed. Maybe not. I am deeply skeptical and simultaneously deeply sympathetic, but I reserve judgement. The [...]
23 Mar 19:01
By B.N. Frank If you weren’t aware, documentaries have already been released about kids being harmed by excessive screen use and exposure.  Action has [...]
23 Mar 18:59
by GH Eliason for The Saker Blog For the last 5 years, the world has gotten a glimpse of what Ukrainian nationalism is. “The Ukrainians” are never shy about [...]
23 Mar 18:22
Marduk went into his chariot; the lightning and the thunderbolt were in his hands. The Gods beheld him and knew that none could inspire such terror as [...]
23 Mar 17:55
By Catherine J. Frompovich “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing [...]
23 Mar 17:17
Written by Tim Kirby; Originally appeared on The North Atlantic Treaty Organization may be headed south, all the way down...The post Is NATO Going South? appeared first on [...]
23 Mar 17:11
Turkey’s Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, inspected Turkish troops deployed along the country’s border with Syria on March 23, according to...The post Turkish Defense Minister Inspects Broder With [...]
23 Mar 16:45
Even though the German CDU and SPD both agreed in their coalition agreement that there would be no upload filters this promise is now to be broken, but instead of admitting mistakes and owning the [...]
23 Mar 16:31
"La Belle Dame sans Merci" ("The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy") is a ballad produced by the English poet John Keats in 1819. [...]
23 Mar 16:03
By Simon Black, Sovereign Man Last week we started a new feature in Notes from the Field– a Friday roll-up of bizarre, often overlooked stories that [...]
23 Mar 15:57
On March 23, the Houthis media wing released a video showing the moment a US-made MQ-1 unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV)...The post Houthis Release Video Of MQ-1 Drone Getting Hit Over Sanaa appeared [...]
23 Mar 15:53
By Charles Hugh Smith Adaptability and flexibility will be the core survival traits going forward. What will separate the many nations that will crumble [...]
23 Mar 15:42
By Michael Maharrey A bill filed in the Oregon House would establish limited state-chartered banks to serve the cannabis industry. Final passage of this legislation [...]
23 Mar 15:40
Authored by Joshua Rarrick via,The UK is facing tough days ahead as British Prime Minister Theresa May presses forward with Brexit. Citizens have been warned to begin stockpiling basic [...]
23 Mar 15:31
By Tony Cartalucci One such front – Human Rights Watch (HRW) – has recently released a report condemning upcoming elections as undermining the “right [...]
23 Mar 15:19
By Sean Walton FEMA mishandled the personal information of 2.3 million people driven out of their homes by wildfires in 2017 and hurricanes, an Inspector [...]
23 Mar 15:04
In its official announcement of ISIS defeat in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) called on...The post After Defeating ISIS In Euphrates Valley, Syrian Democratic [...]
23 Mar 14:40
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,The Robert Mueller investigation which monopolized political discourse for two years has finally concluded, and his anxiously awaited report has been [...]
23 Mar 14:24
We have yet another example of a jew trying to normalize child rape, which is usually euphemistically called "pedophilia". [...]
23 Mar 14:03
Tom is a regular contributor not only here at Russia Insider but also at Seeking [...]
23 Mar 13:37
The Israeli military and police are preparing for possible unrest in the Golan Heights, on both sides of the separation...The post Israeli Military Prepares For Unrest In Golan Heights, As U.S. Moves [...]
23 Mar 13:11
On March 20, the Afghan military announced a new military operation against the Taliban across the entire country. According to...The post Clashes Between Warring Sides Escalate In Afghanistan Amid [...]
23 Mar 13:03
Ranking first this last week was my own article spurred by the recent wave of new book censorship at Amazon, during which works of serious scholarship, in some cases decades old, were suddenly banned [...]
23 Mar 12:52
Attorney General of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) Salvation Government was reportedly assassinated on March 22 in the city center of...The post Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Attorney General Assassinated [...]
23 Mar 12:46
Pompeo believes that Trump was sent by God to save Israel, and that the Golan is to be the first US bestowed "gift" bringing the world closer to "end times" [...]
23 Mar 12:23
This video is based on the text anlysis entitled “Armoured Beasts: DIY-style Modifications Of Syrian Army Battle Tanks“. It was...The post Armoured Beasts: Battle Tank Modifications Of Syrian [...]
23 Mar 12:13
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the complete defeat of ISIS in Syria on March 23 after capturing the...The post Syrian Democratic Forces Announce Complete Defeat Of ISIS In [...]
23 Mar 12:03
Tests of the world’s most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Russian “Arktika” began in St. Petersburg, the Russian Ministry of Defense’s...The post Russia Begins Tests Of The [...]
23 Mar 11:00
Authored by Gabriel Rockhill via,Violence is a spectacular weapon deployed by the ruling class to discredit movements from below and justify their repression. It is spectacular in [...]
23 Mar 10:32
(Natural News) If ever there was a gleaming example of how appeasement of Left-wing tyranny [...]
23 Mar 10:31
(Natural News) The massive power outage that occurred throughout most of Venezuela earlier [...]
23 Mar 10:30
(Natural News) Researchers who are seeking out signs of alien life can now compare their [...]
23 Mar 10:20
(Natural News) Is life harder for today’s young people than it was for previous [...]
23 Mar 10:20
(Natural News) Roughly one month after House Democrats, along with 13 House Republicans, [...]
23 Mar 10:19
(Natural News) The thought of fasting to lose weight isn’t an attractive one. Many diets [...]
23 Mar 10:18
(Natural News) In a world in which 9 million people die from hunger each year, it’s [...]
23 Mar 10:18
On March 21th, the White House announced the defeat of ISIS. Two years ago, ISIS was running rampant across Syria....The post Trump The Defeater: Washington Declared Victory Over ISIS 15 Times Since [...]
23 Mar 10:17
(Natural News) There is a wonder to gardening that is incomparable. Indeed, only a few [...]
23 Mar 09:31
A brief overview of the recent developments in Yemen: Ansar Allah carried out a drone attack on Saudi forces in...The post Military Situation In Yemen On March 22, 2019 (Map Update) appeared first on [...]
23 Mar 09:24
On March 22nd, the US Treasury sanctioned Banco de Desarrollo Economico y Social de Venezuela, or BANDES, a Venezuelan state...The post US Sanctions Venezuelan State Bank, Repeats “All [...]
23 Mar 09:23
An IED explosion hit a M60 battle tank and a RPG shot hit an armoured vehicle near Rafah, according to...The post Map Update: Egyptian Army Works To Track And Eliminate ISIS Cells In Desert Areas In [...]
23 Mar 09:22
Protests in France will continue no matter what security measures the French government intends to take, Christophe Chalencon, who calls himself the Yellow Vest movement’s spokesman, told [...]
23 Mar 09:18
A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan: At least 3 people were killed and 31 others were wounded...The post Military Situation In Afghanistan On March 23, 2019 (Map Update) [...]
23 Mar 09:13
The LG-1K is developed by Logistic Gliders Inc under contract with DARPA and the U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. The...The post Plywood Supply Drone For US Marines Is Undergoing Flight [...]
23 Mar 09:05
A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria: The White House declared the defeat of ISIS in the Euphrates...The post Military Situation In Syria On March 22, 2019 (Map Update) appeared first [...]
23 Mar 08:57
DEAR FRIENDS, Since the start of March, SouthFront has collected 1266 USD. This ia about 25.3% of the minimum monthly...The post 8 Days Left To Allocate SF Minimum Monthly Budget appeared first on [...]
23 Mar 08:52
Written by Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai; Originally appeared at his blog “A dinosaur with a bird’s brain”. This is how the...The post Elijah J. Magnier: US policy failure reopens Iraqi-Syrian [...]
23 Mar 08:40
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge The 31st U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) seized a tiny island and airfield with special...The post Marines Seize Pacific Island As Training For War With [...]
23 Mar 08:03
This article originally appeared on: Russian Faith, a new website with news about the Christian renaissance in Russia. See their introductory video at end of [...]
23 Mar 07:43
Almost 6 months have passed since the US reintroduced sanctions on Iran’s oil sector after unilaterally withdrawing from the Iran...The post U.S. Wages War On Iran And Venezuela Oil Exports. How It [...]
23 Mar 07:03
At first, it sounded like a geopolitical bombshell: Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev, 78, in power since 1991, dramatically announced his resignation. In a “special” address, [...]
23 Mar 06:27
Seattle, Portland and San Francisco are being inundated with drug-addled, mentally ill street people. The Red Vanguard discordians and cultural Marxists who run these cities try to define the [...]
23 Mar 06:20
By Ethan Huff | 21 March 2019 NATURAL NEWS — In the wake of the revelation that the mass shooting that took place at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, may have actually been a [...]
23 Mar 06:13
By Robert Arce | 20 March 2019 BREITBART — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized approximately 223 pounds of methamphetamine and two pounds of heroin worth $648,288 [...]
23 Mar 06:03
NATO claims its rotation of fighter squadrons is a “policing mission”, ie it’s a defensive mission against the barbarian Russians who need policing. So then what is flying bombers which are [...]
23 Mar 04:05
Authored by Peter Brimelow via The Unz Review,James Fulford writes: The Mueller Report, which was supposed to be about alleged “Russian collusion” with Trump, is due out, and many people in the [...]
23 Mar 03:25
Authored by Whitney Webb via,After Iraq, the neocons began waging another war, one for America’s soul.Sixteen years have passed and the memory of the Iraq War is distant for many, [...]
23 Mar 02:45
Authored by Stephen Cohen via,The Cold War Ides of MarchHeedless of the consequences, or perhaps welcoming them, America’s Cold Warriors and their media platforms have recently [...]
23 Mar 02:05
Authored by Major Danny Sjursen (ret.) via,I was born and raised in an America far more Orwellian than many now remember. Matters have gone so far off the rails since 9/11 that few seem [...]
23 Mar 01:29
UN Rights Council Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza | Council approves February report on intentionally killing civiliansThe post UN Rights Council Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza [...]
23 Mar 01:09
German police have arrested 10 people on suspicion of plotting an Islamist attack using cars and guns, with the aim of killing thousands of “infidels.” The arrests were made following an [...]
23 Mar 01:05
Roughly 70% of all produce sold in the U.S. has pesticide residue in it, even after it is washed, according to a new report from the Guardian. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture [...]
23 Mar 01:04
Imane Fadil, the model who said she witnessed “satanic rituals” at the Italian Prime Minister’s mansion, has been found dead under suspicious circumstances. The Moroccan ex-model [...]
23 Mar 00:54
Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has been holding a series of secret fundraisers with groups tied to terrorism, according to reports. The radical Democrat recently spoke in Florida at a private event [...]
23 Mar 00:48
Hillary Clinton has heaped praise on the New Zealand Prime Minister’s gun-grabbing legislation following the mosque shooting. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Thursday a ban on all [...]
23 Mar 00:44
Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke once served his wife a piece of their child’s poop and told her it was an avocado. The information comes from a Washington Post article about [...]
23 Mar 00:29
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a “highly profitable scam”, according to former SPLC staffer Bob Moser. The New Yorker published a scathing essay from Moser on Thursday, [...]
23 Mar 00:25
Self-professed psychic Uri Geller has warned Theresa May that he will use his telepathic powers to stop Brexit. In an open letter to the Prime Minister, the Israeli-British TV oddball said he felt [...]
23 Mar 00:10
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Related reading: Sharon Robinson (songwriter) on Wikipedia Sharon Robinson Website Leonard Cohen on [...]
23 Mar 00:05
Authored by Katusa Research via,You are probably familiar with the most printed book in the world: the Bible.But you’ve probably never even heard of the second-most printed [...]
22 Mar 23:25
Authored by Derrick Broze via,Scientists and ethicists from around the world are warning of the consequences of failing to implement a temporary global halt on gene editing of [...]
22 Mar 23:18
In the late hours of March 22, the Yemeni Air Defense Force, that’s loyal to the Houthis, shoot down an...The post Houthis Shoot Down US-Made MQ-1 Drone Over Sanaa (Video) appeared first on [...]
22 Mar 22:58
A summary explanation of where Western Cultures need to focus on in order to stop being defensive and reclaim their rightful place in the [...]
22 Mar 22:45
Authored by Dean Steinbeck via,For most businesses, opening a bank account and getting access to a variety of services is a straightforward task.But this is not the case for certain [...]
22 Mar 21:39
Trump Reverses New North Korea Sanctions | Move raises questions of a split within the administration The post Trump Reverses New North Korea Sanctions appeared first on News From [...]
22 Mar 21:10
Los Angeles county authorities have banned all use of Monsanto’s notorious weed killer glyphosate following a second court ruling linking it to cancer. A federal jury in California found the [...]
22 Mar 21:00
Rest in Peace For the first time, a mammal has been driven extinct by human-caused climate change. The Australian government has declared a small rodent called the Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed [...]
22 Mar 20:41
Op-Ed by Veronique de Rugy A lot of attention and ink are being poured these days in trying to explain to a generation of [...]
22 Mar 20:40
Israel partisans in the Bush administration played a central role in pushing the U.S. into the disastrous Iraq [...]
22 Mar 20:24
Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,What in the world has happened to us? Once upon a time, America had the greatest system of education on the entire planet, and our [...]
22 Mar 20:19
Galaxy Quest Strap in and hold tight — you’re about to be teleported into a 360-degree rendering of the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The ultra-high-definition visualization comes courtesy [...]
22 Mar 20:10
Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on March 8, 2019, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Foundation to Support the Islamic Resistance. Translation: [...]
22 Mar 20:10
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said it is “certainly possible” that President Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel from Iran. In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting [...]
22 Mar 19:22
By Michael Snyder We have never seen catastrophic flooding like this, and the NOAA is now telling us that there will be more major [...]
22 Mar 19:09
Flexible Strands A stark limitation to biological computers was that any code programmed into DNA couldn’t be rewritten. UC Davis computer scientist David Doty told Wired that using a DNA [...]
22 Mar 18:47
US President Donald Trump said on Thursday it was time to back Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights that Israel seized from Syria in [...]
22 Mar 18:36
German prosecutors say 10 people have been detained on suspicion of plotting an Islamist attack using a car and guns, with the aim of killing as many “infidels” as possible, writes. The [...]
22 Mar 18:25
By Tyler Durden (ZH) – New Zealand police revealed on Friday that they met with accused Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant in October 2017 as part [...]
22 Mar 18:23
Carbon Capture A Canadian startup called Carbon Engineering says it’s secured the funding to build a futuristic facility that’ll suck as much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every [...]
22 Mar 18:19
By Corbett Report Extras James joins Melody Cedarstrom on the Financial Survival radio show for their regular, bi-monthly conversation. This time we discuss the [...]
22 Mar 17:31
by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog Whereas the U.S. regime and its allies demand that Crimea be returned to being ruled by the Ukrainian Government, as it had [...]
22 Mar 17:29
Hammer attacks on five mosques have left Muslims in Birmingham fearing a New Zealand-style terror attack. CCTV from two of the five mosques shows thugs smashing windows – less than a week after [...]
22 Mar 17:25
Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,Like the fabled spring zephyr came news that the Golden Golem of Greatness, (a.k.a. President Trump) signed an executive order that would withhold [...]
22 Mar 17:16
Crash Cam New dashcam footage shows a Tesla Model 3, with Autopilot switched on, veering towards a highway divider. The video, recorded Tuesday and shared to Reddit on Wednesday, shows the [...]
22 Mar 17:10
Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan briefed President Donald Trump and told him that ISIS no longer holds any territory...The post White House Declares Full Victory Over ISIS In Syria [...]
22 Mar 17:00
Poor infrastructure, economic instability, and changing climate are hindering farmers in rural areas. The Global Maker Challenge called for makers and innovators to help solve this issue. Here are [...]
22 Mar 16:54
Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich As an “out of the box” thinker and a voter who is registered as an INDEPENDENT, I have spent [...]
22 Mar 16:44
Authored by Haley Zaremba via,The United States military launched nuclear-capable B-52H Stratofortress bombers over the heavily disputed South China Sea last week, where they [...]
22 Mar 16:29
The Swiss Council of States voted for the expulsion of terrorists to their country of origin, even if they risk torture or the death penalty, reported the Tribune de Genève. Many on the left who [...]
22 Mar 16:29
War Games The U.S. military has constructed a massive virtual reality platform to help train infantry soldiers in realistic battlefields filled with millions of artificial intelligence agents. [...]
22 Mar 16:27
In Afternoon of March 22, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on radical militants...The post Russian Warplanes Target Terrorists Occupying Al-Fu’ah [...]
22 Mar 16:20
By Catherine J. Frompovich In March 2019, The Cornucopia Institute produced a 22-page online report “The Gatekeepers of Organic Integrity.” On page 5, they [...]
22 Mar 16:19
Germany’s Parliament has approved a one-year extension of its military mandate for Afghanistan. The decision is allowing the military keep...The post Germany Extends Its Military Mission In [...]
22 Mar 16:11
Ocean Worlds We’ve learned a lot about Neptune’s largest moon called Triton since it was first discovered in 1846. Some scientists believe it could be an “ocean world” with [...]
22 Mar 16:07
Jerusalem Post recently published an article titled "Jewish and antisemitic?" that made mention of Renegade Tribune and its founder (yours [...]
22 Mar 16:05
Authored by Arthur Berman via,Oil price lost 44% of its value late last year. That price collapse was a signal to tight oil companies to stop over-producing. The message will be repeated [...]
22 Mar 15:53
According to the results of a nationwide poll popular support for Matteo Salvini’s League party has doubled since the party’s electoral victory one year ago. When Italy held its national [...]
22 Mar 15:46
Eyes Up Here The founder of MoviePass is back, and this time he’s not messing around. MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes has a new startup called PreShow, and it’s using a business model [...]
22 Mar 15:45
By Catherine J. Frompovich We don’t want to believe that our new toys to which we are so attached and which bring enormous profits [...]
22 Mar 15:35
By Tyler Durden The 31st U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) seized a tiny island and airfield with special operations airmen and soldiers as [...]
22 Mar 15:27
By B.N. Frank Recently “White House Chronicle” covered Smart City efforts in Texas. Smart Cities incorporate unsafe 4G and 5G small cell technology and [...]
14:59SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Sold Out to ISIS: Filipino Child Soldiers’ (2019)
SUNDAY SCREENING | Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at [...]
14:36Episode #273 – ‘A Palestinian Spring?’ with guest Robert Inlakesh and more
SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new [...]
13:41When Will US and EU Lift Punitive Sanctions Against Syria?
21WIRE | The West is now confused as to whether or not punitive US-EU economic sanctions are still [...]
12:21Washington and Ankara are Parting Ways with One Another
These days one can come across all sorts of articles that try to predict the direction that the US-Turkish relationship is going to take, as we’re witnessing a major shift on the geopolitical [...]
04:59US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s anti-Iranian Rhetoric
The administration of the US President, Donald Trump, is currently using severe economic sanctions in an unsuccessful, and illegal, attempt to pressurize Tehran into dismantling its rocket program, [...]
04:06Fed Can’t Get Out – Buy Gold Now – Jim Rickards
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Four time best-selling author Jim Rickards says the Fed “throwing in the towel” on rate hikes is signaling a big problem for the economy. [...]
Mar 23
Do Humans Have Free Will? Not If Big Tech Wins!
Mar 23
Iran is expanding its regional influence in a big way
Last few weeks have seen the Iranian diplomats and top officials engaging in a lot of diplomatic activity in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Syria, marking a systematically built web of [...]
Mar 23
Henningsen: ‘Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column – working against the people’
Basma Qaddour | Progress of the last decade is now under direct threat from increasingly authoritarian governments, corporate media and Silicon Valley. [...]
Mar 23
How Relations are Unfolding between China and North Korea in Early 2019
In another article, details were given of the North Korean leader’s visit to Vietnam, which mentioned that Kim Jong-un’s special train passed through Chinese territory without making any long [...]
Mar 23
Trump and the War to Save “the War”
Lo and behold, a great threat looms over the Middle East. There is nothing worse for the US and its select allies, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Germany than peace breaking out. Yet [...]
Mar 22
Solutions: Open Science
In the face of the crisis of science, it is easy to throw our hands up and watch as the old guard of the scientific establishment circles the wagons and goes back to business as usual. But there are [...]
Mar 22
Inlakesh: UNHRC Adopts Report Slamming Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
Robert Inlakesh | Is it too early to begin handing out arrest [...]
Mar 22
US FDA Lifts Ban on GMO ‘Frankensalmon’
Frankenfoods is a term developed by consumer groups questioning the health and safety of genetically modified plants or GMO. The US Food and Drug Administration has just lifted an earlier ban on [...]
Mar 22
Intl Trade Unions Condemn Recognition of Guaidó
Even a labor group currently at odds with Caracas opposes foreign interference in the matter of the presidency, reports Ivar Andersen. By Ivar Andersen In Stockholm Inter Press Service More than 60 [...]
Mar 22
Impatient for Peace on the Korean Peninsula
Ann Wright reports on the launch earlier this month, in D.C. and New York, of the worldwide “Korea Peace Now” Campaign. By Ann Wright Special to Consortium News While U.S.-North Korean contact is [...]
Mar 22
President Trump Signs Broad Executive Order to Promote Free Speech on College Campuses
It is unclear how the new grant restrictions will be enforced, prompting concern from critics that research grants could be stripped from schools that oppose the views and goals of the federal [...]
Mar 22
Andrew Gillum Plans to Turn Florida Blue by Registering 1M Voters Who Are Likely to Vote Democrat
Democrat Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor who lost the governor’s race by less than half a percentage point, seeks to turn Florida blue by registering new voters, and is targeting 1.4 million [...]
Mar 22
The ICC and NGOs: Modern Day Manifestations of “The White Man’s Burden”
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is not international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal. It is an institutionalized tool – one of many – used by Western [...]
Mar 22
White Helmets Under Black Banners
During the recent Third Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria, in Brussels, the USA decided to allocate $5 million to the White Helmets, a decision which has once more turned the spotlight [...]
Mar 22
Episode 354 – Solutions: Open Science
Mar 22
Dem Marxism Exposed, Trump Coup Ending, Fed Folds
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 376 3.22.19) The new blood that was elected in the Democrat party in 2018 are as far Left as you can get. Freshmen Congress women Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib [...]
Mar 21
Social Democracy Revealed to America
After spending most of my adult life in various Eastern and Western European countries, I returned to the US just before the turn of the twenty-first century. I had spent several periods here in [...]
Mar 21
Social Democracy Revealed to America
After spending most of my adult life in various Eastern and Western European countries, I returned to the US just before the turn of the twenty-first century. I had spent several periods here in [...]
Mar 21
Whose Blood, Whose Treasure?
America’s senior generals find no exits from endless war, writes William J. Astore for TomDispatch. By William J. Astore “Veni, Vidi, Vici,” boasted Julius Caesar, one [...]
Mar 21
Mainstream Media Ignores the Mass Murder of Christians Who Are Viewed As Obstacles to “Progress” in the US
The mass murder of Christians is being censored by Western media, because those who control mainstream media consider Christians to be an obstacle to “progress”. As a result, most Americans do [...]
Mar 21
Nashville Teachers Slam Failed ‘Restorative Justice’ and Lack of Discipline that Has Led to Chaos, Assaults and Death Threats
Nashville teachers report chaos and violence is overtaking their classrooms after following policies by the Obama administration to reduce the disproportionate number of suspensions for minority [...]
Mar 21
New Zealand Declares Massacre Video “Objectionable” and Arrests People Who Share It
New Zealand and Australia are using the shooting as a pretext to block access to 4Chan, 8Chan, LiveLeak, Voat, BitChute, Zero Hedge, Dissenter and a number of other sites. A 44-year old man has been [...]
Mar 21
Vladimir Putin as Mad Max and the Impending Oil Disaster
The US withdrawal of all remaining diplomatic personnel from its embassy in Caracas means the real geostrategy show is about to start. For months now US policymakers have been on the rhetorical, [...]
Mar 21
Democrats Seek to Gain Power by Eliminating the Electoral College, Expanding the Supreme Court, Lowering the Voting Age to 16 and More!
Democrats are proposing to eliminate the electoral college, pack the Supreme Court with additional (Democrat) judges, allowing illegal aliens, violent felons and 16-year olds to vote. Nancy Pelosi [...]
Mar 21
Is that OK to Take a Piss on One’s National Pride?
In their public speeches Western policymakers would go above and beyond in a attempt to stress their particular fondness of Washington’s vassals that are bound to fulfill any demand of their [...]
Mar 21
Interview 1427 – Financial Survival in the Demographic Crunch
Mar 21
After Pressure on Twitter, Christine Assange’s Account is Restored
The Twitter account of Julian Assange’s mother was restored on Wednesday night after her supporters sent a flood of messages to Twitter. Christine Assange, the mother of WikiLeaks founder and [...]
Mar 21
Record-breaking Cooperation between Russia and India in Defense Technology
Military and technical cooperation (MTC) between the Russian Federation and the Republic of India is developing at a powerfully rapid pace. Many experts are saying that India’s purchase of a [...]
Mar 20
The Science Behind Snowflakes & The Danger of Over-Socialization
The millennial generation of Americans is often mocked for perceived emotional weakness and insecurity. What critics of liberal “safe space” culture often do not notice is that in addition to [...]
Mar 20
Yellow Vest Movement Not Yet Changing Its Color to Green
From Paris, Léa Bouchoucha reports for Consortium News on two sets of demonstrators, some of whom are mingling while others keep a distance.  By Léa Bouchoucha in Paris Special to Consortium News [...]
Mar 20
Lion Air’s Cockpit Voice Recorder Reveals Struggle to Override Flight Control System
21WIRE + ZeroHedge | Will recent flight disasters finally bring to light the risks associated with automated flight control [...]
Mar 20
US and Soros Take Stab at Thai Elections
Western regime change efforts have intensified ahead of upcoming elections in Thailand. Opposition groups attempting to take power and remove Thailand’s powerful, independent military from Thai [...]
Mar 20
Yet another attempt by Victor Cha to drown out the dialogue between the US and North Korea… or is it all down to John Bolton?
Not long ago, we examined two attempts which were made by Victor Cha—failed US Ambassador to South Korea and one of the most odious foreign policy hawks—to disrupt the North Korea–United States [...]
Mar 20
Seattle Is Dying: A Documentary About the Causes and Solutions for Homelessness
In the last five years, a culture shift began with legislature decriminalizing felonies and dumping convicts onto the streets. Shoplifting is rarely prosecuted and crime has exploded, the city is [...]
Mar 20
Central Banks Going Long Gold – Andrew Maguire
By Greg Hunter’s World renowned precious metals expert Andrew Maguire says pay attention to the new rule that goes into effect at the end of March that will allow gold to become [...]
Mar 20
Thuggery Returns: UK Sold Out Its Soul 2 Brexit
On Sunday March 10th Birmingham City F.C. met fierce local rivals Aston Villa F.C. in an English Championship fixture. About nine minutes into the game a Birmingham City supporter, wearing a jacket [...]
Mar 20
French Government to Crackdown on Protests After Violent Black Bloc Anarchists Rioted Amid Legitimate Yellow Vest Demonstration
After representatives of the Yellow Vest movement accused the French government of failing to stop black bloc anarchists from crashing and marring their protests this weekend, the French government [...]
Mar 20
Twitter Restricts Account of Julian Assange’s Mother
The social media giant has given no reason to Christine Assange who had turned to Twitter to campaign for the liberty of her son. By Joe Lauria Special to Consortium News The Twitter account of [...]
Mar 20
Judge Drops Charges Against Motorist Who Drove through Black Lives Matter Protesters Blocking Traffic
A driver, Mark Alan Dickerson, was trying to pass through the line of protesters as they beat on his truck, and one of them leaned back into his slow-moving car and was struck by the vehicle. [...]
Mar 20
60 Years Ago, Racists in Congress Lost the Battle on Hawaiian Statehood
Sarah Miller Davenport reviews U.S. involvement with what finally became its 50th state.    By Sarah Miller Davenport  University of Sheffield The Conversation  Sixty years ago, Dwight Eisenhower [...]
Mar 19
The $1.5 Trillion US Student Loan Debt Scam: Schools Get All of the Benefits and Avoid All of the Risk
US student loan debt stands at $1.5 trillion and cannot be erased through bankruptcy. The youth of America are captives to colleges and universities that hold a monopoly over credentials. A hundred [...]
Mar 19
Devin Nunes Sues Twitter for $250 Million Shadow Banning Him. He Is Also Suing Several Twitter Trolls for Smearing Him
Federal law exempts services like Twitter from defamation liability, but because the site censors and bans content, it should be considered to be a content developer/ publisher and face liability [...]
Mar 19
Failure of DPRK-US Hanoi Talks Should be No Surprise
The first summit meeting between US president Donald Trump and North Korean president Kim Jong-Un was held in Singapore in June 2018. After the extraordinary speech by Trump at the United Nations in [...]
Mar 19
The Associated Press and UN Scientists Walk Back Beto O’Rourke and AOC’s Claim that the World Will End in 12 Years from Unchecked Global Warming
Scientists behind the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate report confirm that the 12-year deadline is based on the Paris treaty 2030 goal to cut carbon emissions and [...]
Mar 19
PATRICK LAWRENCE: Why the Dust Won’t Settle After Mueller’s Report
It won’t be “full and thorough” and Democrats will continue to look for political payoff from Russia-gate, writes Patrick Lawrence. By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News [...]
Mar 19
New Zealand Censoring Internet Users, Threatening Jail for Sharing Video of Mosque Attack
21WIRE + | This story will continue to take bizarre twists and [...]
Mar 19
UKC Extra Time: UKC Extra Time: Christchurch Fall-Out and the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ Trap
21WIRE.TV | Special weekly bonus segment for our Members & Subscribers. [...]
Mar 19
US to ICC – We Will Break Your Legs
Well, not exactly like that, but in a way, yes. Now, finally, ‘the gloves are off’. The US is openly threatening the historically timid ICC (International Criminal Court) and its judges. And [...]
Mar 19
Children Make Perfect Propaganda Props – #PropagandaWatch
Need to push through a propaganda campaign to utterly transform society? Want people to not only accept but actively embrace their own impoverishment? Well just get yourself some youthful true [...]
Mar 19
On the Recent Press Conference of China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs
The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China’s annual meetings have traditionally been used as a platform for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to outline key positions [...]
Mar 18
Sucking Liberals into a New Cold War
Out of fury against President Trump, many liberals have enlisted in the ranks of the New Cold War against Russia, seeming to have forgotten the costs to rationality and lives from the first Cold War, [...]
Mar 18
Well, not exactly like that, but in a way, yes. Now, finally, ‘the gloves are off’. The U.S. is openly threatening the historically timid ICC (International Criminal Court) and its judges. And [...]
Mar 18
UKC Extra Time: UKC Extra Time: Christchurch Fall-Out and the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ Trap
In the wake of the recent Christchurch Terrorist Attack, various political forces are scrambling to try and capitalize on the event, and the Establishment continue to lecture the public about the [...]
Mar 18
UK COLUMN: May Brexit, McCain-CNN-Steele Nexus, OPCW Fail
UK Column News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen break down the top early week news [...]
Mar 18
Know Your Maps: Locations of US, British, Chinese and Russian Aircraft Carriers
SouthFront | Map update of aircraft carriers and carrier strike groups around the [...]
Mar 18
JOHN KIRIAKOU: Another Whistleblower in Solitary Confinement
Marty Gottesfeld is reminder of the Justice Department’s determination to silence truthtellers, writes John Kiriakou. By John Kiriakou Special to Consortium News Last year I wrote about a [...]
Mar 18
After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill
The highly controversial figure of George Soros, the man who created a great many of various hedge funds including Soros Fund Management to become one of the richest men on the planet. If Forbes is [...]
Mar 18
Registered Sex Offender Read to Young Children in Drag Queen Storytime at the Houston Library
Alberto Garza, who calls his drag queen persona Tatiana Mala Nina, is a six foot, 200-pound male sex offender who was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy. He read to [...]
Mar 18
President Trump Issued First Veto Rejecting Bill to Block His Emergency Declaration on the Southern US Border
The US Congress is divided and refuses to pass legislation to change catch-and-release policies that allow illegal aliens to stay in the US while awaiting court hearings, in addition to allowing [...]
Mar 18
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Fired Its Founder Amid Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
The SPLC is widely known as an anti-Christian, anti-conservative, and anti-free-speech hate group and is embroiled in at least three lawsuits. Many of the Internet’s largest social-networking sites [...]
Mar 18
‘Operation Varsity Blues’ Spurs a Class-Action Lawsuit Against Universities and a Second $500 Bill Lawsuit Against the Defendants
A mother is suing the defendants in the multi-million dollar bribery case, claiming that her son, Joshua, who had a 4.2 GPA, was not accepted at top schools where he applied because the admissions [...]
Mar 18
Brexit’s Imperial Nostalgia
Anis Chowdhuryand Jomo Kwame Sundaram confront the notion that British rule helped “develop” the empire. By Jomo Kwame Sundaram in Kuala Lumpur and Anis Chowdhury in Sydney Inter Press Service [...]
Mar 18
Would the US destroy Venezuela to punish Russia and China?
The lights are coming back on in Venezuela, businesses are starting to reopen and the country seems to have suffered through the worst of the power outages, at least this stage of it anyway. We will [...]
Mar 18
US is Behaving as True Looters Do
According to the agency South Front, the United States has transported approximately 50 tons of gold from the regions occupied by ISIS in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate. The Kurdish news source reports [...]
Mar 17
Germany’s Merkel & France’s Macron Plan for EU Naval Air Power
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the next step in consolidating the power of Germany’s Fourth Reich alongside Rothschild lackey Emmanuel Macron. Please excuse the strong accusatory tone [...]
Mar 17
Episode #272 – ‘Terror Down Under’ with guest Jay Dyer and more
SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new [...]
Mar 17
New US Ambassador to Azerbaijan is a First-Class Troublemaker
In early March, Washington sent a new ambassador to Azerbaijan that was appointed by the sitting US president Donald Trump personally. As it’s been revealed by a number of media sources, Earle [...]
Mar 17
Journalist taken hostage by Farouk Brigade 2013 – ‘Syrian government didnt use chemical weapons in Ghouta’
Syria Times | “It wasn’t the government of Bashar al-Assad that used Sarin gas or any other gas in [...]
Mar 17
“Kalashnikov” in India: a Success Story of Bilateral Collaboration
A great success has been achieved in one area of cooperation between India and Russia: the military and technical sphere. For quite some time now, the Republic of India has been viewed as a key [...]
Mar 17
Recession Started Last Year – Money Printing Coming – Marc Faber
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Legendary contrarian investor Dr. Marc Faber says forget about the coming slowdown because the economy has already been backing up for [...]
Mar 17
VIDEO: Pro and Anti-Venezuela Coup Protestors Face Off in Front of White House
Demonstrators for and against regime change in Venezuela converged on the White House on Saturday and there were some angry scenes as D.C. mounted police took their positions in Lafayette Park. [...]
Mar 16
New US Ambassador to Australia Obsessed with China
US Ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse Jr. wasted no time at his new diplomatic post to begin strong-arming Canberra into adopting Washington’s confrontational policy vis-à-vis Beijing. [...]
Mar 16
Korea Potential Divides US Billionaires
Among the inner circles of the American financial oligarchy, some think that North Korea is an existential threat to the hegemony of western capitalism that should be met with nothing but shunning, [...]
Mar 16
This Is What A Demographic Crunch Looks Like
Mar 16
Japan-South Korea: Mutual Resentment is Hardly on Decline
One would have to highlight, straightaway, that the subject of rising tensions between Japan and South Korea is not among the top events in world politics, which are primarily shaped by the media. In [...]
Mar 15
Misguided Spying and the New Zealand Massacre
While intelligence agencies were looking in all the wrong places, a conspicuous target slipped through the cracks, writes Suzie Dawson.  By Suzie Dawson Special to Consortium News Now that the [...]
Mar 15
Watch the 20th Vigil for Assange Here Live at 4 pm EST
With Chelsea Manning still in jail for refusing to testify about Julian Assange, who remains arbitrarily detained in London, the 20th webcast vigil for Assange begins Friday at 4 pm EST. Watch it [...]
Mar 15
School Shooters and Drones
Allegra Harpootlian links gun violence at home to U.S. wars abroad. By Allegra Harpootlian In the wake of the Feb. 14, 2018, mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in [...]
Mar 15
Initial Moves Afoot by Democrats, AIPAC to Primary Ilhan Omar in 2020
21WIRE | It was only a matter of time before The Lobby would be pressuring Democrat leaders and party apparatchiks to oust the rebel [...]
Mar 15
The City Council of Everett, Washington Plans to Impose Agenda 21 on Residents, Removing Them from Their Cars and Downgrading Their Lifestyle
Gileno says it can be stopped if as few as 200 individuals push back against the city council. Agenda 21 "utopia" cities will ultimately fail, at tremendous expense to taxpayers, because the plans [...]
Mar 15
War Against Venezuela Is War Against Us All
The American war on Venezuela continues to escalate with the sabotage of it’s electricity grid, the most serious action of all so far, which was not only an act of terrorism against the entire [...]
Mar 15
Explained: Why Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning hold key to Free Press
21WIRE | Why they represent three fundamental pillars of democracy - the right to publish, the rights of whistleblowers and a free press. [...]
Mar 15
Are Algerian Protests a Color Revolution?
The ongoing protests against the sitting president Abdelaziz Bouteflika that remained at the helm of Algerian politics for two decades and was going to run for the office for the fifth time have led [...]
Mar 15
Media Hit-Job Continues as Stephen Colbert Ambushes Democrat Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard
Gabbard challenges the US foreign policy of military violence, the glue that holds the empire together, and she especially condemns regime change war, which has resulted in disaster in Iraq, Libya [...]
Mar 15
College Scam Distraction, Failed Trump Coup Further Revealed, Economy Teeters
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 375 3.15.19) The college admissions and bribery scandal is a mess and has already sparked a class action lawsuit against the prestigious colleges involved. [...]
Mar 15
Trump’s Backward Move on Drone Civilian Casualties
This executive order disregards some valuable historical lessons, writes Daniel R. Brunstetter. An unmanned U.S. Predator drone flies over southern Afghanistan. (AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth) By Daniel R. [...]
Mar 14
US and Iranian Hardliners Continue the Suffering
Ann Wright reports on a citizen peace delegation’s recent trip to Iran, which included a meeting with the country’s foreign minister. By Ann Wright Special to Consortium News We knew that a [...]
Mar 14
False Flag Alert: Neocons in the US Government and Media Falsely Blamed Maduro for Setting Fire to US Aid Trucks. Sabotage Suspected in Massive Blackout.
Last month, a convoy of humanitarian aid trucks from the US were set on fire and the mainstream media and neocons were quick to blame President Maduro. However, video shows an anti-Maduro protester [...]
Mar 14
California: Parents Demand Removal of Cell Tower at Elementary School After 4th Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer
Eric Windheim, an electromagnetic radiation specialist, says that the cell tower is a 4G WiMAX system that is many times stronger than a regular tower that covers 300 yards, while WiMAX is able to [...]
Mar 14
A Deadly Spring for Syria and the World
Trump has just asked Congress for $150bn for military operations in the Middle East at a time when the US is, supposedly, shutting down its efforts there and has very few troops stationed and nearly [...]
Mar 14
Interview 1426 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Mar 14
Interview 1427 – Financial Survival in the Demographic Crunch
Mar 14
US Lawmakers Ponder: “To Impeach?” or “To Run?”
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, made headlines by declaring that it ‘Wasn’t Worth’ impeaching President Trump. Analysts explained this was because if an impeachment [...]
Mar 14
Interview 1426 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Mar 14
Billions of Swedish Krona Supported Anti-Apartheid Struggle
Birgitta Karlström Dorph was on a secret mission in South Africa between 1982 and 1988, writes Ida Karlsson. By Ida Karlsson in Stockholm Inter Press Service Between 1982 and 1988 Birgitta [...]
Mar 14
Results of the North Korean leader’s visit to Vietnam
In previous reports on Kim Jong-un’s visit, we described his arrival in Vietnam and his meeting with the President of the United States, however, the program Kim Jong-un had scheduled for his visit [...]
Mar 13
Okinawa Base: The Art of “No Solution” and Symbolic Referendum
On February 24th the residents of Okinawa voted in a “symbolic referendum”, i.e. one which is purely an expression of opinion, with no obligation on anyone to take any notice of its [...]
Mar 13
‘Imperialism on Trial’ tour comes to Northern Ireland on March 19th and 21st
EVENT NEWS | Speaker line-up includes two former British ambassadors, a veteran CIA analyst and much more. [...]
Mar 13
The Deadlock between China and the West is taking its Toll on New Zealand’s Economy
Throughout 2018, the trade war mounted between China and the US. This is part of a larger standoff between China and the English-speaking world led by America, which is not only putting obvious [...]
Mar 13
America’s Largest Shelter for Migrant Children Accused of Corruption Including Financial Crimes and Child Abuse
Southwest Key, the largest shelter provider for migrant children, was awarded more than $1.8 billion in federal funds over the past 10 years for housing unaccompanied minors in more than two dozen [...]
Mar 13
How Sanctions Against Russia Expose Cracks in Britain’s Political Class
Nina Cross | The Foreign Affairs inquiry into sanctions reveals a visible rift between the business establishment and government over Russian [...]
Mar 13
VIPS: Mueller’s Forensics-Free Findings
The final Mueller report should be graded “incomplete,” says VIPS, whose forensic work proves the speciousness of the story that DNC emails published by WikiLeaks came from Russian [...]
Mar 13
US Congress Disciplines Congresswoman Who Objects to Policies of Israeli Lobby by Passing Resolution Condemning White Supremacy and Antisemitism
Democrat Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee, criticized the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) of buying American politicians with large campaign donations. Former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, said the same thing [...]
Mar 13
Another Reason for Washington in Venezuela?
Many myself among them have pointed to the vast hydrocarbon reserves of Venezuela as a possible driving motive behind the otherwise bizarre Washington intervention in Venezuela. The more I look into [...]
Mar 13
Dissecting Washington’s Color Revolution Techniques
As it’s been pointed out by a number of prominent statisticians, over the last hundred years Washington would interfere in the internal affairs of at least 50 countries for a total of 130 [...]