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Wednesday 24 Apr 2019 - last update: 04:59:15 UTC
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Italy Bans Unvaccinated Children From Going To School
Monday was the deadline for parents to provide documentation proving their children had received 10 compulsory vaccinations and if not they risk a government fine. The controversial new law was passed to raise Italy’s plummeting vaccination rates from below 80% to the World Health Organisation’s target of 95%......
Källa: newspunch
Boeing disaster: Europe bans 737 max planes over Ethiopia crash
Nations are massively closing their airspace for Boeing 737 MAX planes over the deadly crash in Ethiopia. At least 27 airlines have now grounded the Max 8......
Källa: southfront
John Pilger: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies
Should the CIA stooge Guaidó and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies. A fire sale of Venezuela’s utilities and mineral wealth will surely follow, along with the theft of the country’s oil, as outlined by John Bolton.....
Worldwide Effort to Restrict Everyone’s Right to Travel Is Close to a Reality
According to a recently published white paper there is a worldwide effort to restrict the right to travel of everyone. And you will not believe how the U.N. is involved......
The Future of Food (2004)

False Flag terrorism (2014)

A Tale of Three Cities
Via The Simple Prepper blog,With the advent of nuclear technologies – the threat to everyone is unfortunately very real. If you are truly going to prepare for the nuclear threat, you must [...]
UN Report: War Has Set Back Yemen More Than 20 Years | War has already caused economic losses of $88.8 billionThe post UN Report: War Has Set Back Yemen More Than 20 Years appeared first on News [...]
Navy SEALs were warned by commanders not to report Iraq war crimes | Commander said reporting war crimes would cost them their careers The post Navy SEALs were warned by commanders not to [...]
Authored by Girogio Cafiero via,Riyadh finds it outrageous that American lawmakers are trying to meddle in Saudi Arabia’s succession...Istanbul protesters outside Consulate [...]
Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Unz Review,The real “deplorable” in today’s United States is the continuation of a foreign policy based on endless aggression to maintain Washington’s [...]
Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,Imagine being robbed every time you receive a paycheck, but once a year getting some of the stolen money back because the [...]
23 Apr 23:49
French President Macron’s promise to restore Notre Dame to its former glory has been shoved aside. Now Macron says it will be rebuilt “consistent with our modern, diverse nation”, and [...]
23 Apr 23:46
Maxine Waters has lived up to her “low IQ” nickname yet again, proving just how out of touch she is with contemporary society — and discovered from reality in general — during an [...]
23 Apr 22:45
Authored by Mac Slavo via,Antibiotic resistance is becoming a larger problem in developed parts of the world such as the United States.  The overuse of antibiotics has caused a sort of [...]
23 Apr 22:20
Tylenol not only kills pain but human empathy as well, adding to its well known list of serious side effects mind-altering and soul warping [...]
23 Apr 21:30
Look Out Below We now know what it looks like when a spacecraft lobs a bomb at an asteroid. Earlier in April, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) directed its Hayabusa2 spacecraft to toss [...]
23 Apr 21:25
Authored by Peter Baggins via,Two of the most important problems that the so-called Green New Deal will attempt to solve at the cost of incalculable trillions are global [...]
23 Apr 20:59
Close-Up Scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory say they built a simulation that models the behavior of every single atom in a single human gene. That means a billion moving parts all at [...]
23 Apr 20:44
Sounds About Right A New York teen suing Apple for $1 billion claims its facial-recognition system falsely linked him to a series of thefts and caused him to be arrested for a crime he didn’t [...]
23 Apr 20:35
(Natural News) An increasing number of people from different religious and ethnic [...]
23 Apr 20:35
(Natural News) In a blatant attempt to target Catholic, African medical students with U.S. [...]
23 Apr 20:34
(Natural News) “O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to [...]
23 Apr 20:33
(Natural News) Throughout the “Spygate” scandal involving Deep State players loyal to [...]
23 Apr 20:33
(Natural News) If you’re looking to make some positive changes for your health, you might [...]
23 Apr 20:32
(Natural News) Scurvy is another name for vitamin C deficiency. It is a health problem [...]
23 Apr 20:31
(Natural News) Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, can do more than just support [...]
23 Apr 20:30
This talk is from a year ago at the "Israel Lobby & American Policy" conference on March 2nd, 2018 at the National Press Club.  [...]
23 Apr 20:20
Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,The price of gasoline is rapidly rising, economic activity is slowing down, the Middle East appears to be on the brink of war, and Democrats [...]
23 Apr 20:10
Wireless charging is pretty cool, technology. Unfortunately, while they are very convenient, wireless chargers have not realized their full potential in terms of design. In fact, most of them look [...]
23 Apr 20:04
The Blockchain Bandit For one wildly-successful thief, scoring millions of dollars of cryptocurrency is as simple as guessing weak wallet passwords. Security researchers found that a so-called [...]
23 Apr 20:03
A Palestinian woman was killed near her home in the occupied West Bank last week, after being rammed by the truck of an illegal settler. The woman was identified as 42 year old teacher Fatima [...]
23 Apr 20:03
(Natural News) The bombings in Sri Lanka have once again put a spotlight on the rising tide [...]
23 Apr 19:52
“Mars, I Hear You” In a video uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, NASA’s InSight lander showed off a recording of “faint rumbles” that “appear to have come [...]
23 Apr 19:30
Authored by Mac Slavo via,The state of Georgia is experiencing a statewide viral outbreak.  Hepatitis A is spreading across the state as 250 cases of the infection have been identified. [...]
23 Apr 19:21
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he plans to name a settlement in the Golan Heights after Donald Trump, as a show of gratitude for the US president’s decision to recognize the [...]
23 Apr 19:16
Fantastic Beasts Armed with CRISPR gene-editing technology, scientists are trying to move away from performing experiments on common model organisms, like fruit flies and zebrafish, which have [...]
23 Apr 19:07
Invisibility Cloak The technology behind sophisticated mass surveillance systems have made enormous strides in recent years. You can’t even jaywalk in some parts of the world without an [...]
23 Apr 18:54
(Natural News) Many Americans with hypertension tend to take prescription medications to [...]
23 Apr 18:52
(Natural News) Rice (Oryza sativa) is a crop that’s prized the world over. [...]
23 Apr 18:45
Brain Not Included In 2016, a team of French researchers discovered that a slime mold could not only learn about substances it encountered, but also share its knowledge with other molds despite not [...]
23 Apr 18:30
One of the most extraordinary displays of Jewish power in the United States took place in the State Department press briefing room on April 11th though it went virtually [...]
23 Apr 18:25
Authored by John Merline via Issues & Insights,At the start of the year, economists predicted an economic slump ahead. President Trump’s already low approval ratings were plunging. The Mueller [...]
23 Apr 18:24
“If you pay attention, nothing in nature stays the same for a single moment: You can’t be bored of nature, can you? Well, sometimes I’ll [...]
23 Apr 18:21
Martian aliens that resembled humans seeded life on Earth according to experts. Ancient astronaut theorists say that life on Earth was seeded from the Fallen Angels who came to earth not from the [...]
23 Apr 18:21
Fire in Shanghai A CCTV video has been making its rounds on Chinese media since the weekend that shows a Tesla Model S catching fire in a Shanghai parking lot. The car in question first starts to [...]
23 Apr 18:09
Airport Screening If you board a flight out of the United States four years from now, chances are the government is going to scan your face — an ambitious timeline that has privacy experts reeling. [...]
23 Apr 18:07
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to name a settlement in the Golan Heights after Donald Trump, in a show of...The post Netanyahu Promises To Name Golan Heights Settlement [...]
23 Apr 17:56
Explosive Situation Sometimes, when you fill a small metal capsule with rocket fuel, it will explode. That’s what appears to have happened this past weekend when SpaceX attempted a static [...]
23 Apr 17:50
Authored by Iliya Zaki via,On April 10th, IMF launched a tweet poll asking “How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years?”. The choices include cash, cryptocurrency, a [...]
23 Apr 17:37
By Andrea Germanos (CD) — Chelsea Manning remained in jail on Monday after a federal appeals court rejected her bid to be released and affirmed [...]
23 Apr 17:30
(Natural News) The brain, being the center of a person’s nervous system, helps the [...]
23 Apr 17:30
(Natural News) High cholesterol and oxidative stress are primary contributors to many heart [...]
23 Apr 17:29
(Natural News) Essential oils are commonly used today for aromatherapy. It is a form of [...]
23 Apr 17:28
(Natural News) Apple juice can serve as an effective home remedy for constipation. Drinking [...]
23 Apr 17:27
by George Eliason, Special Correspondent for the Saker Blog in Novorussia “Most previous ODIHR and Council of Europe’s European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) [...]
23 Apr 17:26
by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog In Part 3 of this 8-part series I answered the question raised by that part’s title: Why was a Cultural Revolution needed [...]
23 Apr 17:05
Authored by Simon Black via,Hot off the presses: The Board of Trustees for the Social Security and Medicare programs in the United States just released their annual report a few [...]
23 Apr 16:41
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton have vowed to strangle Iran and cut off all...The post Pompeo Finally Tells The Truth: ‘We Lie, We Cheat, We [...]
23 Apr 16:34
By MassPrivateI Halloween is less than six months away but that has not stopped law enforcement from taking people’s blood. In fact, police officers [...]
23 Apr 16:28
There are few stories told of Tiu, yet he held a high place among the gods, as the name Tuesday shows. He is most famous for his share in the binding of [...]
23 Apr 16:25
Authored by Mac Slavo via,A recent power grid failure in New York caused panic and even stoked the fear of an alien invasion.  With so many dependent on the electrical power grid, it [...]
23 Apr 16:20
Elon Being Elon During Monday’s “Autonomy Investor Day,” Elon Musk said he expects Tesla to have more than 1 million autonomous robotaxis on the road in 2020. Wall Street’s [...]
23 Apr 16:12
Cracked A new study revealed that the Moon has much deeper scars, from billions of years of asteroid impacts, than previously believed. “We found that impacts break the lunar crust into [...]
23 Apr 15:47
Service With a Smile Amazon’s delivery drivers now have to prove they aren’t package thieves by stopping to take a selfie every now and then. The idea is to verify deliveries with [...]
23 Apr 15:23
ISIS claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka bombings that as of April 23rd have left at least 321 people dead....The post ISIS Claims Responsibility For Sri Lanka Terror Attacks appeared first on [...]
23 Apr 15:14
By Michael Snyder The price of gasoline is rapidly rising, economic activity is slowing down, the Middle East appears to be on the brink [...]
23 Apr 15:12
Op-Ed by Arjun Walia This article will discuss possible causes to why an individual may develop prejudice and ultimately be looked upon as racist. [...]
23 Apr 14:59
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge Two American soldiers were disarmed and questioned by Mexican troops wielding assault rifles this month while...The post Assault-Rifle-Wielding Mexican Soldiers [...]
23 Apr 14:53
On April 23, the Project 09852 special-purpose nuclear-powered submarine Belgorod was floated out at the Sevmash Shipyard in north Russia....The post Russia Floats Out Nuclear Sub That Will Carry [...]
23 Apr 14:30
By Aaron Kesel Welcome to a new way of browsing the Internet where by default your privacy is protected from intrusive ads and ad [...]
23 Apr 14:18
Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,The release of the Mueller report has left Democrats in a dilemma. For consider what Robert Mueller concluded after two years of investigation.Candidate [...]
23 Apr 14:11
Written by Matthew J.L. Ehret; Originally appeared on Whether the Arctic will become a platform for cooperation or warfare has...The post The Russian-China Polar Silk Road [...]
23 Apr 14:04
Julian Assange’s mother reported yesterday that the WikiLeaks founder has not been permitted any visitors during his detention in Belmarsh Prison, including from doctors and his [...]
23 Apr 13:32
On April 22nd, the spokesperson of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Major General Ahmed al-Mismari said that the “final decisive...The post Libyan National Amry Vows To Ramp Up Its Offensive On [...]
23 Apr 13:28
Human Remains On Friday, Washington’s state senators and congresspeople finalized their approval of bill 5001 — an item of legislation that would legalize human composting. The bill will [...]
23 Apr 13:21
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) says that if elected president in 2020 she will give Congress 100 days to take action on gun control before she will take matters into her own hands and issue an [...]
23 Apr 13:20
Government school officials in California have been caught admitting they believe it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty in the classroom because it is a [...]
23 Apr 13:17
On April 22nd, the White House announced US President Donald Trump’s efforts to undertake action to cut down Iranian oil...The post Oil Price Jumps to 6-Month High After US Announces Decision To [...]
23 Apr 13:15
A brain haemorrhage patient, lying paralysed in a hospital bed, listened in horror as doctors told his family that he had “zero percent chance” of surviving, and then later, among [...]
23 Apr 13:14
Authored by Lance Roberts via,Running On Empty“Running On Empty” was an iconic song about life on the road as a traveling musician. The 1977 live recording, which became [...]
23 Apr 13:14
A 54-year-old woman has been arrested for dumping seven newborn puppies into a Coachella dumpster and leaving them to die.  The puppies, believed to be 3-day-old terrier mixes, may not have [...]
23 Apr 13:06
A trilateral meeting on the Afghan peace involving Russia, China and the United States in Moscow on April 25, the...The post Military Situation In Afghanistan On April 23, 2019 (Map Update) appeared [...]
23 Apr 12:58
Two American soldiers were disarmed and questioned by Mexican troops wielding assault rifles this month while conducting a surveillance mission on US territory near the southern border, defense [...]
23 Apr 12:50
Over the past few days, the Libyan National Army (LNA) has continued its attempts to lay siege on the city...The post Libyan War Report – Apr. 23, 2019: ‘Foreign Power’ Allegedly [...]
23 Apr 12:36
Authored by David Haggith via The Great Recession blog,Brace yourselves... The US stock market is slightly overbought (which is not a positive in terms of head room for more of a rally). It’s [...]
23 Apr 12:22
This video is from 2016, and it shows proof that the person being interviewed by RT is not real. Major deception is at play with the Wikileaks [...]
23 Apr 12:09
Macron’s initial promise to restore the magnificent cathedral to its former glory has been shoved aside. Now he says it will be rebuilt “consistent with our modern, diverse nation”, [...]
23 Apr 12:04
Unfortunately for the nation, the RussiaGate fiasco is only half over. There is just too much documented official turpitude on the public record for the authorities to answer for and the [...]
23 Apr 11:55
On April 23rd, Belarus announced that it had stopped all oil and oil product deliveries to Ukraine, Poland and the...The post Belarus Stops Oil Exports to Ukraine, Poland And the Baltics Less Than [...]
23 Apr 11:42
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled militant positions in al-Taman’a, Tar’e and Um Jalal in southern Idlib; The SAA shelled...The post Military Situation In Syria On April 23, 2019 (Map Update) [...]
23 Apr 11:11
The photos below show the transformation of the Soviet (then Ukrainian) Kuznetsov-class heavy aircraft cruiser Varyag into the first aircraft crrier...The post Lessons Of History: How One Nation [...]
23 Apr 10:55
Following the slaughter of hundreds of Christians by Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka, the mainstream media has warned about “right-wing anger” and “violence against Muslims.” [...]
23 Apr 10:50
Submitted by Michael EveryDue to “arrogant” policies, the ruling party “must face the reality of decreasing public support”. These were the words of Turkey’s former PM Davutoylu who [...]
23 Apr 10:49
Before the 2016 election a cunning plan was devised by Clinton Campaign chair John Podesta to “slaughter Donald Trump” by linking him to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Recently, left-wing comedian [...]
23 Apr 10:42
San Fransisco officials are considering ending the needle exchange program due to the epidemic of hazardous needles flooding the streets. Thousands of needles are currently scattered across the [...]
23 Apr 10:38
Electric cars in Germany are emitting more toxic CO2 than diesel vehicles, according to a new study. By including the CO2 emissions from the production of batteries in electric cars, researchers at [...]
23 Apr 10:33
Legendary investigative reporter Bob Woodward says the FBI and CIA’s reliance on the discredited Steele dossier “needs to be investigated” now that the Mueller report has debunked [...]
23 Apr 10:26
(Natural News) Globalists are actively working to exterminate 90% of the human race, [...]
23 Apr 10:26
Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris wants to discuss granting Boston Bomber terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a right to vote in future elections. In May 2015 a jury found Dzhokhar guilty of all [...]
23 Apr 10:02
Bernie Sanders has called the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “racist” during a CNN town hall. The 2020 presidential hopeful called for a change in America’s policy [...]
23 Apr 09:59
The Libyan National Army (LNA) is developing its advance on the city of Tripoli, which is in the hands of...The post Map Update: Military Situation In Libya On April 23, 2019 appeared first on [...]
23 Apr 09:38
(Natural News) No medical doctor in America can solve the health “boondoggles” [...]
23 Apr 09:37
(Natural News) There’s a concerted effort afoot to rebrand Satanism as a benevolent, [...]
23 Apr 09:31
(Natural News) Hippocrates, the famous 4th century father of modern medicine, famously [...]
23 Apr 09:30
(Natural News) During the past several decades, Complementary and Alternative Medicine [...]
23 Apr 09:29
(Natural News) Bank of America shut down all the bank accounts associated with The Faithful [...]
23 Apr 09:28
(Natural News) When you’re watching the news, do you pay attention to reports about [...]
23 Apr 09:04
On March 14, Russia’s National Security Council, headed by President Putin, officially raised its perception of American intentions toward Russia from “military dangers” (opasnosti) to direct [...]
23 Apr 08:47
Clashes continue in the Mors area, Dhale province; Ansar Allah destroyed several coalition vehicles in the Ajasher desert, Najran province;...The post Military Situation In Yemen On April 23, 2019 [...]
23 Apr 08:36
Written by Philip M. Giraldi; Originally appeared at The Unz Review The real “deplorable” in today’s United States is the...The post Philip M. Giraldi: “The Conspiracy Against [...]
23 Apr 08:15
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview for Glavnoye with Olga Belova programme on Zvezda network, Moscow, April 21, 2019 (source): Olga...The post Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Interview [...]
23 Apr 08:04
KRASNODAR, RUSSIA – Volodymyr Zelensky’s victory in Sunday’s Ukrainian Presidential election marks the moment when the Western populist wave comes to the post-Soviet space.It also serves as a [...]
23 Apr 08:00
France’s Marine Le Pen, one of the leading right-wing voices in the European Union, is throwing her political weight behind Italian hard-line Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to set up a major [...]
23 Apr 07:18
We got just a glimpse of the Osama bin Laden fraud when limited hangout operative Seymour Hersh produced a new “expose” essentially saying that “bin Laden” was given to Seal [...]
23 Apr 07:04
Like many I was horrified on so many levels by the news of the fire which engulfed the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.The thing that makes me truly sad is that my first reaction to the news [...]
23 Apr 06:45
(Natural News) Many scientific advancements make life a lot easier and more convenient, but [...]
23 Apr 05:45
(Natural News) How many times have you grilled vegetables or fish wrapped in foil? How many [...]
23 Apr 05:16
“The Big Short,” a movie based on Michael Lewis’ book about the lead up to the financial crisis of 2007–2010, is rare and unique among Hollywood’s shit storm of [...]
23 Apr 03:45
Authored and submitted by GlobalGeoNews.comMaxime Chaix, an expert on clandestine operations, intelligence and US foreign policy, is a journalist and regular contributor to He [...]
23 Apr 02:11
Syrian War Report – Apr. 22, 2019: Chemical Weapons Warehouse Exploded In Western Aleppo [...]
23 Apr 01:56
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview for Glavnoye with Olga Belova programme on Zvezda network, Moscow, April 21, 2019 [...]
23 Apr 01:45
Authored by Kurt Dew, Northeastern University, originally published on the TABBFORUM,Major financial institutions have made it clear that they don’t support SOFR, the Fed’s choice of Libor [...]
23 Apr 01:26
By Eoin Higgins A boarding technology for travelers using JetBlue is causing controversy due to a social media thread on the airline’s use of [...]
23 Apr 00:26
By Alex Newman | 17 April 2019 FREEDOM PROJECT — Government school officials in California think it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty in the [...]
23 Apr 00:25
Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,The U.S. Census Bureau has just released their annual report on how the U.S. population is shifting, and there are some very clear patterns [...]
23 Apr 00:05
By Bob Brigham | 6 April 2019 RAW STORY — President Donald Trump met with two controversial Republican billionaires during a trip to Las Vegas. When Air Force One landed, Trump was greeted [...]
22 Apr 23:45
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,Julian Assange’s mother reported yesterday that the WikiLeaks founder has not been permitted any visitors during his detention in Belmarsh Prison, [...]
22 Apr 22:21
The astounding sculptures of ancient Greece reveal a people with the skill and resources to create life-like representations of people and [...]
22 Apr 21:45
Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,The ruling oligarchs are running out of time. This teetering edifice of debt is going to collapse, and they know it. Those with cash and precious [...]
22 Apr 21:09
Bizarre Burglary A social media entrepreneur could spend the next 20 years in prison, all because he really, really wanted a certain domain name — a bizarre crime for the internet era. In 2015, [...]
22 Apr 21:07
(Natural News) We’ve all seen this scenario before: The mainstream media drums up [...]
22 Apr 21:06
(Natural News) Democrats and their protectors in the so-called “establishment” media [...]
22 Apr 21:05
Authored by Kelli Ballard via Liberty Nation,Illinois Republicans push to be rid of Chicago by making it the 51st state – but will that help the conservative cause, or hurt it?Illinois just tried [...]
22 Apr 21:02
(Natural News) In an article that has since been removed, the Boston Globe encouraged [...]
22 Apr 20:49
Hidden Networks It may not be a shock that the dark web, the online networks that aren’t readily accessible to the public, is a hotbed of illegal gun sales. What is surprising is that almost [...]
22 Apr 20:37
Things are heating up in Northern Ireland with a reporter supposedly shot by the New IRA. Now an obese [...]
22 Apr 20:26
(Natural News) Gut bacteria might hold the key to alleviating anxiety, depression, and [...]
22 Apr 20:21
Neuralink SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at what could be the announcement of a brain-machine interface that could one day hook human brains up to computers on Sunday. In response to a [...]
22 Apr 19:40
Bug Out NASA just tested an insect-inspired swarm of drones — a host “hive” drone, each carrying 25 little “CICADAS” that detach from its underbelly to fly around and learn [...]
22 Apr 19:30
By B.N. Frank Silicon Valley parents (aka tech inventors) have been limiting their own kids’ use of screens for many years while tech companies [...]
22 Apr 19:30
Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,Unfortunately for the nation, the RussiaGate fiasco is only half over. There is just too much documented official turpitude on the public record for [...]
22 Apr 19:10
CRISPR’d Crops Jennifer Doudna, one of the co-inventors of CRISPR, thinks she knows which application for the powerful gene-editing tool will be the first to affect the mainstream — and it [...]
22 Apr 19:00
Authored by Mac Slavo via,Americans continue to dig themselves in a deeper and deeper hole.  While many have no savings, they continue to pile on the debt and liabilities.  All of [...]
22 Apr 18:59
By Peter Tocci Introduction Obvious as it is that no significant issue ‘exists in a vacuum’ (or anything at all, for that matter :-), [...]
22 Apr 18:59
By Carey Wedler Establishment media and politicians began to sound the alarm on fake news after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, blaming [...]
22 Apr 18:56
Nobody escapes aging. As early as your 20s, you may start to notice that it takes you longer to recover from a workout or a night of partying. In your 30s, you might see fine lines and wrinkles start [...]
22 Apr 18:29
Folding Business After reports that Samsung is delaying the launch of its would-be revolutionary Galaxy Fold, a $2,000 folding smartphone, it’s finally official: Samsung is going back to the [...]
22 Apr 18:25
Residents, among them children, beat and burned the effigy in the southeastern town of Pruchnik on Good Friday. The figure represented [...]
22 Apr 18:20
Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog,In all my time studying markets, I can’t recall a single instance when the split between “pros” and “retail” has ever been higher.What do I [...]
22 Apr 18:14
On April 18, troops of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shot a handcuffed and blindfolded 15yo Palestinian boy who was attempting...The post Israeli Troops Shoot Blindfolded, Handcuffed 15y [...]
22 Apr 17:58
First Impressions If you took a cab in Japan this year, you may have come face-to-face with a tablet that scanned your face in order to learn your gender, age, and other characteristics — and [...]
22 Apr 17:34
Research Leak Three scientists in Texas are now unemployed in the wake of allegations that they’d been stealing research for China — a scandal that highlights the murky line between [...]
22 Apr 17:33
Defamation, a fascinating documentary by a charming young Israeli documentary filmmaker who decided to go on a global hunt for anti-Semitism. With the U.S. State [...]
22 Apr 17:16
Reign of Terror On Sunday, six suicide bombers launched a coordinated series of attacks in Sri Lanka that killed at least 290 people and injured hundreds more. Within hours, the government of the [...]
22 Apr 16:41
By Derrick Broze Local, state, and federal law enforcement are refusing to comply with Facebook’s policy against law enforcement creating fake social media accounts. [...]
22 Apr 16:38
Global Assault Russian hackers are targeting several U.S. embassies around the world by imitating State Department officials. The hacks were traced back to Russian forums, suggesting that they were [...]
22 Apr 16:35
By Richard Enos In Brief The Facts: Wikipedia, the people’s encyclopedia, a supposed resource for the open sharing of wisdom and knowledge, is violating [...]
22 Apr 16:35
Chill Out The laws of thermodynamics are pretty straightforward: Normally, heat from a hot object will flow to a cold one until they reach the same temperature, bringing the system to a state of [...]
22 Apr 16:33
A supposed chemical weapons warehouse of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nursa) near city of al-Atarib in western Aleppo exploded...The post Syrian War Report – Apr. 22, 2019: Chemical [...]
22 Apr 16:32
By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) — The Trump Administration was quick to recognize Juan Guaidó as the rightful ruler of Venezuela, but going from that [...]
22 Apr 16:20
It’s safe to say the MAGA crowd is right up there with the neocons. They are enthusiastic about murder, theft, starvation, disease, and the destruction of [...]
22 Apr 16:14
Authored by Derrick Broze via The Mind Unleashed blog,A third lawsuit related to claims that Monsanto’s Roundup causes cancer has revealed new details about the cozy relationship between the [...]
22 Apr 16:01
April 26, 2019 Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Interview Schedule Categories: Economic Forecasting, Economy & Business The Power [...]
22 Apr 15:39
Authored by Don Quijones via,February was bad. Housing market weakness is now spreading out from London.London home prices in February took their biggest one-off hit since the dark [...]
22 Apr 15:31
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge With oil surging to a six month high after a now confirmed report that Trump will...The post Iran Threatens To Close Strait Of Hormuz If US Blocks Its Oil Exports [...]
22 Apr 15:28
By B.N. Frank The Grand Tetons is now considering the largest cell tower expansion in national park history and they are requesting public input. [...]
22 Apr 15:28
A list recently released by the Centre for Violent Extremism (CVE) disclosed that 41 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities are set to be forced to welcome back scores of returning ISIS members. According [...]
22 Apr 15:23
Folding Business Samsung’s game-changing Galaxy Fold — essentially a $1980 seven inch tablet that can fold in half like a book — has had a rough start. Review units of the phone started [...]
04:11PEPE ESCOBAR: War on Iran & Calling America’s Bluff
Vast swathes of the West seem not to realize that if the Strait of Hormuz is shut down a global depression will follow, writes Pepe Escobar. By Pepe Escobar Special to Consortium News The Trump [...]
Apr 23
Introducing a New CN Series: The Revelations of WikiLeaks: No. 1—The Video that Put Assange in U.S. Crosshairs
“Collateral Murder” created a media sensation in 2010 and led to Chelsea Manning’s imprisonment and to a DOJ investigation of Julian Assange, reports Elizabeth Vos. But the war crimes the [...]
Apr 23
Notre Dame – Glory or Shame?
The heart of France is on fire. An inferno rocked France. Notre Dame, cultural icon of France and UNESCO declared World Heritage, was burning. The flames devastated the wooden roof and the spire. [...]
Apr 23
Trump Kibbutz: Netanyahu pledges to Name Illegal Golan Settlement After US President
21WIRE | Embattled PM repays the US President for helping to swing the recent Israeli elections in his favor. [...]
Apr 23
Holiday Open Thread!
Apr 23
Ripple Effect On OKC And Why It Matters
Today James Corbett and Chris Emery of Free Mind Films join Ricky Varandas on The Ripple Effect podcast to discuss the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and why it still [...]
Apr 23
Can Armenia Survive the Western Clock and Dagger Infiltration?
Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, The United States considered itself the sole global hegemon that is entitled to decide the fate of other international players. Acting on that premise, [...]
Apr 23
Another G-20 Summit
The annual meeting of political leaders of countries from twenty of the world’s leading world economies (The Group of 20, G-20) will be held this time on June 28-29 in the Japanese city of Osaka. [...]
Apr 23
The Buried Maidan Massacre and Its Misrepresentation by Western Media
The new Ukrainian government is faced with reopening an inquiry into evidence of an organized mass killing in Kiev that Porochenko stonewalled. Ivan Katchanovski investigates. By Ivan Katchanovski [...]
Apr 22
NATO at 70: Retirement or Renaissance?
US Vice President Mike Pence has recently referred to NATO as, “the most successful military alliance in the history of the world.” Of course, “success” needs to be defined, [...]
Apr 22
Another Thing That Distinguishes Us From Corporate Media
We are absolutely free of charge to read.  But dig down deep if you love us. Please contribute to our Spring Fund Drive.   Read more [...]
Apr 22
Ukraine: Why ‘OU’ Lost by a Landslide
The answer is clear if you read U.S. documents published by WikiLeaks in 2006, writes Kevin Zeese.   By Kevin Zeese With his landslide victory,  Volodymyr Zelensky, [...]
Apr 22
Ukraine: TV Star Zelensky Wins in Landslide – Will He Change Relations with Russia?
Stalker Zone | With the US-backed puppet buried in a landslide defeat, will the Ukraine look to detente with neighbor Russia? [...]
Apr 22
Oil Prices Spike Over 3% With Announcement U.S. to End ‘Sanctions Waivers’ for Iranian Oil
21WIRE | Another aggressive move by the US which risks triggering a new global inflationary spiral. [...]
Apr 22
In the Small Canadian City of Regina, Resistance is Brewing
Ed Lehman is a Canadian Communist,and a comrade of mine. I don’t say such things often or lightly, especially about Westerners. But he became my comrade, and we struggled shoulder to shoulder, for [...]
Apr 22
Shock or Not? Pompeo says ‘No Military Intervention in Iran’, but does he mean It?
21WIRE | Trump and his hawks could lose big if put to an electoral referendum on this issue. [...]
Apr 22
Anti-Vaxxers Banned from Raising Money on GoFundMe
YouTube has demonetized anti-vaxxer videos, Pinterest has blocked search results for the term and Facebook claims to have reduced the prominence of posts spreading misleading information. [...]
Apr 22
Sri Lanka: More than 200 Killed as Catholic Churches and Tourist Hotels Targeted in Bomb Attacks
Sri Lanka’s police chief issued an alert to top officers ten days ago warning that Muslim suicide bombers planned to hit “prominent churches”. No group has claimed responsibility for the [...]
Apr 22
Citizen Group Stops 357 People in a Migrant Caravan from Illegally Entering US
Last week, the United Constitution Patriots, which is an armed group that includes veterans, stopped the movement of 357 migrants who had illegally crossed into the US until the Border Patrol [...]
Apr 22
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Boasted, “I Was CIA Director – We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole”
As long as people fail to see a difference between their country and their leaders, as long as they think that men become saints and heroes merely by being elected or appointed to public office, we [...]
Apr 22
Interview 1441 – Ripple Effect On OKC And Why It Matters
Apr 22
Interview 1441 - Ripple Effect On OKC And Why It Matters
Apr 22
From the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, a Talk on Julian Assange
Consortium News Editor Joe Lauria on Sunday delivered this talk about the Assange case to a group of activists who are living inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington to stop the illegitimate [...]
Apr 22
Debunking The ‘Assange Is A Russian Agent’ Smear
The narrative that Assange worked for or knowingly conspired with the Russian government is a hallucination of the demented Russia hysteria which has infected all corners of mainstream political [...]
Apr 22
Libya at Threshold of Monumental Events
Western media outlets are once again in throes of panic as they report on the latest developments in Libya. According to French newspaper Le Monde, while the world was following NATO’s Jubilee [...]
Apr 21
Inside the Globalist War On Our World
The unconventional war for complete control of our world goes on. Camouflaged underneath the stealthy facade of relative prosperity for some, World War III rages as the cries of a billion people are [...]
Apr 21
Mueller’s Deep State Ploy Against Russia
America has been at war with herself since 1787. America’s war of independence has gone on for centuries now, a war against the Deep State and the banking interests that brought about century after [...]
Apr 21
US Defeat in Syria Leaves Only a Campaign of Spite
Tony Cartalucci | After eight years, all we are left with is a lack of legitimate unified purpose underpinning US policy in [...]
Apr 21
Why Julian Assange’s War is Our War Too
Paul Mansfield | Everyone needs to understand that the case of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is a defining moment for western democracy. [...]
Apr 21
Happy Easter!
Dear readers and authors, Easter is one of the most important Christian events of the year. Commemorating Christ’s Resurrection, we would like to offer you our warmest regards on this bright [...]
Apr 21
ISIS is Coming Back to Neck Bite Afghanistan
These days nobody is taken aback anymore by the opportunistic statements the sitting American president has been making for the last couple of years. If Donald Trump is to be believed, all of the [...]
Apr 21
This is Bigger than Gold & Silver Manipulation – Chris Powell
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Chris Powell, Treasurer and Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says price manipulation of all markets is a major [...]
Apr 20
China’s Suspiciously American Arsenal: A Closer Look
Apr 20
Will Trump Leave ….the United States?
Of the 400 pages of the just released Mueller Report, one sentence stands out, and it was not pronounced by an investigator: When the appointment of the Special Counsel was announced, according to [...]
Apr 20
US Defeat in Syria Transforms into Campaign of Spite
The US-engineered proxy war against Syria, beginning in 2011 and the crescendo of the so-called “Arab Spring,” has ended in all but absolute defeat for Washington. Its primary goal of [...]
Apr 20
The US Should Get Ready for King Mohammed bin Salman
Riyadh finds it outrageous that American lawmakers are trying to meddle in Saudi Arabia’s succession, writes Giorgio Cafiero. By Giorgio Cafiero Special to Consortium News Since the murder of Jamal [...]
Apr 20
The topic of North Korea at the Summit between Leaders of South Korea and the US
On April 11, in Washington, a summit between South Korea and the US was held. The two countries’ leaders, Moon Jae-in and Donald Trump, discussed a wide range of issues, concentrating on resolution [...]
Apr 19
Happy Easter!
Dear readers and authors, Easter is one of the most important Christian events of the year. Commemorating Christ’s Resurrection, we would like to offer you our warmest regards on this bright [...]
Apr 19
With Assange in Jail, Join Us for the 26th Vigil
Please join us for a live webcast of the 26th Vigil for Julian Assange.Read more [...]
Apr 19
UK Blurring Two Very Different Extradition Claims
The Swedish and U.S. claims are vastly different, writes Jonathan Cook. But the public conversation in the U.K. is simply about which has first dibs on Assange.  By JonathanCook In [...]
Apr 19
CN Radio—Episode 7: Francis Boyle on Extradition of Julian Assange
With Julian Assange facing an extradition hearing on May 2, Consortium News Radio speaks with international law expert Francis Boyle, professor at the University of Illinois. Francis Boyle on the [...]
Apr 19
Brexit Delay: the Soviets Would Have Understood It
So the Brexit saga has taken another twist, and become even more confusing and uncertain. All we can predict is that whatever the UK government says will happen is the one thing which won’t. [...]
Apr 19
Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, Failed in His Mission to Prove Collusion Or Obstruction, But Suggests Case for Impeachment
Robert Mueller suggested to Congress that they have a potential obstruction case, which creates an opening for Congress to Impeach the President anyway. The burden may now be on the President to [...]
Apr 19
What’s Your Take on Assange? – Questions For Corbett #044
Apr 19
Syria, A Storm is Coming
War is coming in Syria. The decision has been made, the targets are outlined. Syria has had enough. The fake color revolution has done more than fail, it has united Syrians in rage, their homes [...]
Apr 19
An American-Thai Couple Are in Deep Water Over Their Attempt to Establish a Community at Sea
Thai authorities filed a complaint accusing the couple of breaching a section of the country’s criminal code that relates to threatening the sovereignty of a state, and erosion of a state’s [...]
Apr 19
Yuma, Arizona: State of Emergency Declared as Migrants Overwhelm the Border Town
Republican Mayor Doug Nicholls declared a state of emergency as the city cannot handle the surge of immigrants the federal government is releasing from detention centers. [...]
Apr 19
Battle for Tripoli: What Awaits Libya?
The sound of machine gun fire in Tripoli after the start of Khalifa Haftar’s military campaign to “liberate the city” is accompanied by a bitter squabble between two conflicting sides aired by [...]
Apr 19
Mueller Sour Grapes Report, Border Collapsing, Economic Confusion
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 380 4.19.19) The redacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was released Thursday, and you might as well call it the “Sour Grapes We Didn’t [...]
Apr 18
Epstein Updates, Russia World Order, Ides of April – New World Next Week
Apr 18
The ‘Guccifer 2.0’ Gaps in Mueller’s Full Report
Like Team Mueller’s indictment last July of Russian agents, the full report reveals questions about Wikileaks’ role that much of the media has been ignoring, writes Daniel Lazare. By [...]
Apr 18
67% of Republican Voters Believe Mass Immigration Is a Critical Problem, But Only 16% of Their GOP Leaders Agree
According to a poll recorded in 2016, a stunning 67% of Republican voters thought mass immigration was a critical threat, but only 16% of GOP leaders agreed that it was a serious problem. Politicians [...]
Apr 18
Parents Sue New York City Health Department Over Forced Vaccinations
The health department has not disclosed the number of people who contracted measles post-vaccination. One doctor cited in the lawsuit argues the current Brooklyn measles cases are not “a clear and [...]
Apr 18
Attorney General Bill Barr Cracks Down ‘Catch-and-Release’ to Discourage Migrants
Instead of releasing asylum sekers, the Department of Homeland Security will have the authority to detain them indefinitely. The effect is expected to discourage new migrants because they will not be [...]
Apr 18
Will there be a War Between the US and the “Iranian Terrorists”?
A visible pattern of US foreign policy application in the past two decades has been direct wars/military interventions as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Importantly enough, all of these [...]
Apr 18
Behind the Omar Outrage: Suppressed History of 9/11
Trump’s demagogic ploy with the freshman lawmaker raises the more serious question of who and what led to the “Day of Planes,” writes Max Blumenthal. By Max Blumenthal Special to Consortium [...]
Apr 18
Extra Time: Why is the ‘Truth Movement’ Struggling with the Truth?
21WIRE.TV | A special segment available for our members and subscribers. [...]
Apr 18
US Coalition Boot Remains on Syria’s Neck
We all have heard enough Trump flip-flops on policy to not get too excited about anything reasonable that occasionally comes out of his mouth. Such things are usually an accident, and if not, his [...]
Apr 18
Interview 1440 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Apr 18
Interview 1440 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Apr 18
Confusion Dominates as Algeria Heads into Troubled Waters
With the presidential election day approaching in Algeria, the sheer number of political forces aiming to secure power in this troubled state leaves geopolitical analysts bewildered and confused. [...]
Apr 18
ROBERT PARRY: All Investigative Journalists Do What Julian Assange Did
The U.S. has indicted Julian Assange for encouraging his source to give more information and for trying to protect his source’s identity, what all journalist routinely do, said one of the [...]
Apr 18
Emmanuel Macron - Rothschild Rent Boy is Top Freemason
(Macron, top or bottom?) Emmanuel Macron wants to rebuild Notre-Dame and rededicate it as a temple to the New World Order.  He is the protege of Jewish Satanist Jacques [...]
Apr 17
Sellout: How Ecuador’s President Gave Up Assange
Lenin Moreno was desperate to ingratiate his government with Washington and distract the public from his mounting scandals, writes the Grayzone’s Denis Rogatyuk. By Denis Rogatyuk Grayzone The [...]
Apr 17
US Elites Vilifying Assange Are The Same Elites Wikileaks Exposed
21WIRE | Do you see the [...]
Apr 17
UK COLUMN: Trump Duped by CIA-MI5 on Skripal, Notre Dame Fake News, Assange Imprisoned
UKC News | UKC News hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the early week news round-up. Watch: [...]
Apr 17
VIDEO: European Parliament Debates Assange Extradition
The European Parliament on Tuesday held a fiery debate on the fate of Julian Assange, with some MEPs arguing the matter had no place in their body, while others said human rights and press freedom [...]
Apr 17
Breaking News! Putin’s Vast Riches Hidden at Costco
What if we all woke up one morning and everybody understood the Russian mentality? Just think, instead of listening to fairytales about Russia and Vladimir Putin, the world would be able to swiftly [...]
Apr 17
Stranahan on Assange: ‘This is a Fight We Can’t Lose’
Lee Stranahan | Why we all need to step-up now and be Julian’s [...]
Apr 17
Massive transparency win as MEPs pass EU General Food Law revision
17.04.2019 In the final plenary session of this legislature, Members of the European Parliament today passed the EU’s General Food Law reform. [...]
Apr 17
Can America Start Taking Care of Itself, Instead of Policing Others?
In the seventies, when I returned to the US after ten years abroad, I was struck by the amount of ‘intelligence sophistication’ among America’s college graduates. At the same time, however, [...]
Apr 17
Interview 1439 – Davi Barker on Authoritarian Sociopathy
Apr 17
Interview 1439 - Davi Barker on Authoritarian Sociopathy
Apr 17
President Trump Vetoes Bill to End US Involvement in Yemen War
President Trump rejected a resolution from Congress to end US military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Congress has the legal ability to compel the removal of US military forces, absent a [...]
Apr 17
Russia and Kyrgyzstan: New Stage in Relations
On 28 March 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to Kyrgyzstan. His Kyrgyz counterpart, President Sooronbay Jeenbekov, called the trip historical. Media outlets have [...]
Apr 17
Cher Discovers Welfare State Cannot Support Itself Even Without Open Borders Added to Its Burden
After President Trump threatened to bus hordes of inbound migrants into sanctuary cities and the sanctuary state of California, Cher, the actress and singer who once advocated welcoming migrants into [...]
Apr 17
Paris: Was the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire an Accident?
Stefan Molyneux questions the official story that the fire was accidental and presents reasons for suspecting it is part of the series of recent attacks against Catholic churches that have been [...]
Apr 17
Some Schools Are Offering Free Education in Return for A Share of Student’s Income
Purdue University, for example, sidesteps student loans by offering student income-sharing agreements that turn students into equity investments instead of debt assets. It seems to be working well. [...]
Apr 17
Gold & Silver Will Survive Whole System Burning Down – Bill Holter
By Greg Hunter’s Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter is “not worried at all” about the current price smash down for precious metals. Holter says, “We live [...]
Apr 17
Taxes in the US Must Be Doubled to Pay for ‘Medicare for All,’ aka the Single-Payer Program, Promoted by the Left
Polls show that 71% of Americans favor the single-payer modal when they are told that it guarantees insurance for all, but support drops to only 37% when people are told that the single-payer model [...]
Apr 17
VIPS: The Fly in the Mueller Ointment
The bug in Mueller’s report to be released Thursday is that he accepts that the Russian government interfered in the election.  Trump should challenge that, says VIPS. MEMORANDUM FOR: The [...]
Apr 16
If Your Country Were Committing War Crimes Would You Want to Know?
That is a question one might pose to people who are celebrating the arrest of Julian Assange. The arrest of WikiLeakers founder Julian Assange on April 11 has been met with celebration by politicians [...]
Apr 16
Julian Assange’s Victory
Throughout history, dark and reactionary forces have always attempted to control the world; by violence, by deceit, by kidnapping and perverting the mainstream narrative, or by spreading fear among [...]
Apr 16
Trump: Criminalizing the War on Terror
The greatest counter-terrorism force in the world woke up on the morning of April 8, 2019 now officially designated by presidential proclamation by Donald Trump as terrorists and criminals. The [...]
Apr 16
PATRICK LAWRENCE: Trump & the Bolton-Pompeo Axis
Patrick Lawrence eyes the U.S. president’s difficulties as he resumes peace talks with Pyongyang. By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News Moon Jae-in’s Oval Office meeting with President [...]
Apr 16
EXTRADITION: ‘The Railroad That Awaits Julian Assange’
John Kiriakou | No matter what happens, no matter what the charges, Assange will not get a fair trial in Eastern District of [...]
Apr 16
The CFR LOVES Domestic Propaganda! – #PropagandaWatch
The former editor of Time / former Undersecretary of State for Public Policy thinks the US government propagandizing its own citizens is just fine and dandy. And where did he deliver these remarks? [...]
Apr 16
Kim Jong-nam Murder Case is Closed, or More Precisely Falls Apart
We recently wrote about the acquittal of one of the women accused of poisoning Kim Jong-un’s half-brother. On 11 March, Indonesian citizen Siti Aisyah was released from jail, because prosecutors [...]
Apr 16
Assange’s Judge a Disgrace to the Bench, Former UK Ambassador Says
Craig Murray asks you to imagine Western media reaction if a Russian opposition politician were dragged out by armed police, and within three hours convicted on a political charge by a patently [...]
Apr 15
Is Ilhan Omar More Loyal To The US Than Trump?
Robert Inlakesh | Is Donald Trump attacking sen. Omar as a way of distracting from Israel-Gate and Israel selling US weapons to [...]
Apr 15
We’ve Got the Assange Story Covered
Please help us to continue bringing you blanket coverage of this historic press freedom test case by making a generous donation to our Spring Fund Drive.  Consortium News has been all over the [...]
Apr 15
Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan Will Likely Give Israel All It Wants, Palestinians Nothing | Saying that the peace plan is going to “stop short of Palestinian statehood” is putting it [...]
Apr 15
Julian Assange Arrested – Murdering Human Rights, Freedom of Speech – Murdering Freedom
Indignation has no limits! Arresting Julian Assange is murdering the truth, murdering human rights – and eliminating freedom of speech, let alone freedom of the media, although the latter has been [...]
Apr 15
US Government Actively Importing Millions of Migrants from Third World While Pretending to Oppose Such Action
Declining birth rates and exodus from California are causing the population to shrink. Nevertheless, government-funded, apartment-building projects have been underway for the past few years that are [...]
Apr 15
CBS Promo for The Good Fight TV Show Urges People to “Punch a Nazi” in Order to Silence Political Opponents
CBS removed the tweet, which was a clear call for violence. Rhetoric from the Left calling for violent attacks against Trump supporters receives zero coverage from the mainstream media. [...]
Apr 15
The Corbett Report Subscriber
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Apr 15
Students Shocked to Learn that Illegals Get In-State Discount Tuition Price in 18 States
College students at UNLV recently learned that illegal immigrants receive automatic in-state tuition in 18 states around the country. Liberal and conservative students agreed that the practice is [...]
Apr 15
Toronto Residents Agreed that Canadians Should Open Their Homes to Refugees Until They Are Asked to Care for a Needy Migrant
Toronto: A reporter from Rebel Media asked passers-by if refugees should be helped by Canadians opening their homes, and they agreed, but when they were asked to take a man described as a refugee [...]
Apr 15
Guatemala-Mexico Border: ‘Hostile and Aggressive’ Migrants Break Border Gate to Force Their Way into Mexico
A group of 350 migrants from Central America broke the locks on a gate at the Guatemala-Mexico border, and forced their way into Mexico to join a large caravan of 2,000 people who are headed to the [...]
Apr 15
Japan Enters New Epoch
On 1 April, Chief Cabinet Secretary (i.e. head of the executive body under the Prime Minister), Yoshihide Suga, showed journalists two kanji characters, written in calligraphy, that represent the [...]
Apr 15
Julian Assange’s Nightmarish Future
The WikiLeaks publisher is in a maximum-security prison that has been called the U.K.’s Guantanamo Bay, Elizabeth Vos reports. By Elizabeth Vos Special to Consortium News While Julian Assange [...]
Apr 14
What does Trump’s Facilitation of Israeli Occupation of Golan Heights Mean?
On March 25, the US president, while he was enjoying his moment of triumph over the alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections, signed a document that recognised Israeli sovereignty over [...]
Apr 14
Glyphosate Worse Than We Could Imagine
As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence [...]
Apr 14
SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘United States of Secrets’ (2014)
SUNDAY SCREENING | An extensive look into the unprecedented ramping-up of the digital Stasi in [...]
Apr 14
Episode #276 – ‘No Extradition’ with Patrick Henningsen, Lee Stranahan & more
SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new [...]
Apr 14
CHRIS HEDGES: The Martyrdom of Julian Assange
Assange and WikiLeaks allowed us to see the inner workings of empire — the most important role of a press — and for this they became empire’s prey, writes Chris Hedges. By Chris Hedges [...]
Apr 14
Gradually Re-establishing Historical Truth about Jeju Uprising
On 3 April, 2019 a commemoration ceremony to honor victims of a bloody suppression by government forces of the people’s uprising in 1948-1954 was held on the island of Jeju. More than 10,000 [...]
Apr 14
Trump Bump, No Recession, Rate Cuts Coming – Gerald Celente
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Top trends researcher Gerald Celente said last year the global economy was headed for a big crash—not anymore. Celente explains, [...]
Apr 13
No, Albert Pike Did Not Predict World War III
Apr 13
The Persecution of Julian Assange Sends Some Alarming Signals
The arrest of Julian Assange by British police on 11 April 2019 raises a number of troubling questions. It naturally enough provoked the outrage of Assange’s supporters; a blandly noncommittal [...]
Apr 13
The Assange Arrest: You Have the Right to Remain Silent
The arrest of Julian Assange was an act of revenge by the US government that strikes at the heart of journalism, writes Pepe Escobar. By Pepe Escobar Asia Times The date – April 11, 2019 – will [...]