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Sunday 18 Aug 2019 - last update: 05:43:22 UTC
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Italy Bans Unvaccinated Children From Going To School
Monday was the deadline for parents to provide documentation proving their children had received 10 compulsory vaccinations and if not they risk a government fine. The controversial new law was passed to raise Italy’s plummeting vaccination rates from below 80% to the World Health Organisation’s target of 95%......
Källa: newspunch
Boeing disaster: Europe bans 737 max planes over Ethiopia crash
Nations are massively closing their airspace for Boeing 737 MAX planes over the deadly crash in Ethiopia. At least 27 airlines have now grounded the Max 8......
Källa: southfront
John Pilger: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies
Should the CIA stooge Guaidó and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies. A fire sale of Venezuela’s utilities and mineral wealth will surely follow, along with the theft of the country’s oil, as outlined by John Bolton.....
Worldwide Effort to Restrict Everyone’s Right to Travel Is Close to a Reality
According to a recently published white paper there is a worldwide effort to restrict the right to travel of everyone. And you will not believe how the U.N. is involved......
The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007)

The Speed of Light is not constant (2013)

I, pet goat II (2013)
Audio will publish on Thursday August 22nd, at 6pm CT “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but [...]
Authored by Jason Ditz via,Secret talks have been ongoing between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, focused on sharing intelligence against Iran and possibly military cooperation. [...]
Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation,A few years ago, very few people understood the concept behind color revolutions.Had Russia and China’s leadership not decided to [...]
Authored by Dagny Taggart via The Organic Prepper blog,Earlier this year, an infectious disease expert warned that a deadly disease found in deer could infect humans in the near future.Often [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured early on August 18 several large farms west and northwest of Khan Shaykhun in...The post Syrian Army Moves To Encircle Khan Shaykhun, Captures Hilltop appeared [...]
By Ashley Lutz | 3 May 2012 BUSINESS INSIDER — What if rap music is just a tool to turn impressionable listeners into prison-bound degenerates? That’s what one man claiming to be a [...]
Authored by Matt Agorist via The Free Thought Project,Adult and child sex trafficking is an unfortunate and horrifying reality that plagues countries around the world—including the United States. [...]
Stop being so judgmental. By Katherine Timpf | 13 July 2015 NATIONAL REVIEW — Sociology researchers are now insisting that we as a society start accepting people who choose to “identify [...]
17 Aug 23:20
Authored by Tom Chatham via Project Chesapeake blog,It’s the same thing every time we have a mass shooting in America.Before the shell casings have time to cool the same people are calling for more [...]
17 Aug 23:04
By B.N. Frank The Telecom Industry gave U.S. congressional testimony in February that they have no scientific evidence that exposure to 5G technology is [...]
17 Aug 22:40
by Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg Whenever talk comes around to freedom, some of the most vehement disputes in world history [...]
17 Aug 22:39
        Dane Wigington Extreme heat and haze continues here in Northern California, while plastic particles are being found in the air from [...]
17 Aug 22:33
(Natural News) There’s a new risk factor for obesity and it doesn’t involve dieting, [...]
17 Aug 22:30
Authored by Stuart Newman via,Fabricating part-human-part-nonhuman animals, with features of both, seemed like something out of Greek mythology until the late 20th century. New [...]
17 Aug 22:26
(Natural News) Likely without intending to do so, a collaborative study by researchers from [...]
17 Aug 22:26
(Natural News) According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to [...]
17 Aug 22:15
Late on August 17, the Israeli military foiled an attempt by a group of Palestinian gunmen to infiltrate the separation...The post Escalation Around Gaza Following Infiltration Attempt And Another [...]
17 Aug 22:05
For the last few months, UPS has been using autonomous trucks to haul loads on a 115-mile route between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. The company announced that its venture capital arm had made a [...]
17 Aug 20:15
We all know about MMA now through big UFC events, but similar styles and competitions developed all over the ancient [...]
17 Aug 20:13
By Jason Bermas Amid all of the other craziness in the Epstein case, Forbes reported that Epstein had a female visitor shortly before his [...]
17 Aug 19:14
Militants of the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA) shelled late on August 17 a position of the Russian Military Police...The post Turkish Proxy Fighters Shell Russian Position In Northern [...]
17 Aug 19:10
Authored by Lance Roberts via,Do you love #volatility yet? Last week the market swung wildly back on forth on “trade talks,” “tariff relief,” inverted yield [...]
17 Aug 19:01
By Jim Hoft | 15 August 2019 GATEWAY PUNDIT — Dr. Cyril Wecht joined Kennedy on FOX Business Network on Wednesday night to discuss Jeffrey autopsy results. Dr. Wecht, who is a doctor [...]
17 Aug 18:42
Though few of us know it, the majority of the populace suffers from stomach problems. Scientists have found that curcumins can help prevent and fight stomach [...]
17 Aug 18:35
The mainstream narrative is shaping up – a story of suicide, neglect and tragic victims By Kit Knightly | 14 August 2019 OFF GUARDIAN — In two different opinion pieces The Guardian has [...]
17 Aug 18:17
Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog After days of ridiculous, hysterical garment rending by mass media talking heads in...The post Caitlin Johnstone: “Mass Media’s [...]
17 Aug 18:11
President Trump has had enough of the violent thugs at Antifa after the far-left group gathered for a day of clashes in Portland, Oregon on Saturday. “Major consideration is being given to naming [...]
17 Aug 18:03
President Trump has slammed Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s shameless political stunt on Friday after she cancelled a visit to Israel to see her elderly grandmother. Israeli officials had granted the [...]
17 Aug 17:55
Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein have rejected the coroners official ruling that the child sex trafficker committed “suicide” by hanging himself. Following the Friday ruling, three of [...]
17 Aug 17:47
HBO host Bill Maher has doubled down on his plea for an American recession, saying that the economic downturn “would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump.” “So I’ve been saying [...]
17 Aug 17:33
New York Times editor Dean Baquet has instructed staff to ditch the Russian collusion propaganda and start focussing on President Trump’s “racism” instead, according to a leaked [...]
17 Aug 17:25
Jeffrey Epstein’s procurer of children was spotted on Monday eating at an In-N-Out restaurant in Los Angeles, reading a book about CIA operatives. Ghislaine Maxwell, 57, was seen at the [...]
17 Aug 17:17
A paper published by New York University’s Women’s and Gender Studies program claims that milking cows is like “sexual abuse.” The paper insists that milking cows is comparable to [...]
17 Aug 17:12
Libyan National Army (LNA) warplanes struck Ain Zarah in southern Tripoli Sporadic clashes between the LNA and forces of the...The post Military Situation In Libya On August 17, 2019 (Map Update) [...]
17 Aug 17:01
A Chinese-flagged oil tanker reportedly changed its name in order to avoid US sanctions on Iranian oil, Reuters reported. The...The post Chinese-Flagged Oil Tanker Allegedly Changed Name To Avoid US [...]
17 Aug 16:47
The China Daily reports: By Wei Xinyan and Zhong Weiping It’s not hard to imagine the United States’ reaction if Chinese diplomats met leaders of Occupy Wall Street, Black [...]
17 Aug 16:41
Naked and all bloody, the 25-year-old newspaper man managed to escape his torturer, open a small window in the addict and crawl into an apartment where a young woman took care of him and called the [...]
17 Aug 16:40
Renegade Editor’s Note: I thought a bit of old occultism on Saturn’s Day would be appropriate. It’s interesting how [...]
17 Aug 15:59
By Truthstream Media There is a breaking down of barriers and a new type of society being ushered in, but what comes next? Melissa [...]
17 Aug 15:47
The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) destroyed on August 17 a large warehouse, where militants stored hundreds of used tires...The post In Video: Syrian Airstrike Burns Militants Warehouse In Southern [...]
17 Aug 15:46
A South African writer for The Saker Blog Let’s set the social scene with a video from Vesti News: People are getting accustomed to living this way. The Neo-Chiefs [...]
17 Aug 15:05
Dr. Cyril Wecht, a top forensic pathologist, claimed Friday that the fractures in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck could have happened “if he hurled himself off the top bunk.” Wecht, a guest on “Your [...]
17 Aug 14:56
On the morning of August 16th, North Korea carried out another test of its new “projectiles,” state news agency KCNA...The post North Korea Carries Out 6th Weapon Test In 3 Weeks, Says US-South [...]
17 Aug 14:53
HALF MONTH UNTIL END OF AUGUST Since August 1, around 17.8% of the minimum monthly budget [...]
17 Aug 14:30
Greta Thunberg’s sailing ship for the climate, Malizia II, must return to Europe after it has reached New York. For this, four new professional sailors fly to the US. Their mission is to release [...]
17 Aug 14:28
After unexpectedly conceding to China last week, when Trump announced he would delay imposing the bulk of the 10% tariffs on $300BN in mostly consumer-focused goods from September 1 until [...]
17 Aug 14:04
Now we have writing a story about how "White supremacists" are dangerously close to acquiring a nuclear [...]
17 Aug 13:19
Russian forces are establishing several positions in the southern Deir Ezzor countryside, the pro-opposition Deir Ezzor 24 blog reported on...The post Russian Forces Are Establishing New Positions In [...]
17 Aug 13:17
~ Raw audio of the Money & Markets will publish late August 15th, finalized audio will be published on August 16th ~ By Catherine Austin [...]
17 Aug 13:14
When Washington puts someone on its sanctions list, other countries that do not comply with the demands being made are also subject to [...]
17 Aug 13:00
According to a new report, during the first half of 2019, the EU saw a ten percent increase in the number of asylum claims. The European Asylum Support Office (EASO), the EU’s asylum agency, [...]
17 Aug 12:43
Originally appeared on There is an eminently reasonable and feasible way to avoid conflict in the Persian Gulf, and to...The post Russia’s Sound Proposal for Gulf Peace [...]
17 Aug 12:36
The Ministry of Defense of Russian has released several videos of recent airstrikes on militants’ positions in Greater Idlib in...The post Russia Releases Videos Of Fresh Strikes On [...]
17 Aug 12:10
Authored by Guillaume Darocher via The Unz Review,The European peoples have long thought and felt that each of them was unique, reflecting the particularly history and struggles the successive [...]
17 Aug 11:45
By B.N. Frank The rise of “Surveillance Capitalism” by businesses and other entities has made it so that we’re all being subjected to data [...]
17 Aug 11:30
Ten men between ages 13 and 30 have been arrested in connection with the murder of a 28-year-old police officer who was killed while investigating a burglary. The police officer, Andrew Harper, died [...]
17 Aug 11:04
Government forces liberated Khirbat Abidin, Hursh al-Tawilah, Mughr Hunta, and Tell Arjahi; A suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device of Hay’at...The post Military Situation In Syria On [...]
17 Aug 10:22
(Natural News) Americans need to be more active, there’s no doubt about that. Survey [...]
17 Aug 10:22
(Natural News) Researchers finally dared to explore the grisly fates of the occupants of [...]
17 Aug 10:19
(Natural News) An international team led by Goethe University in Germany has successfully [...]
17 Aug 10:18
Ten suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launched by the Houthis attacked on August 17 the Shaybah super-giant oil field in...The post Operation Deterrent Balance 1: Ten Houthi Drones Strike [...]
17 Aug 09:51
(Natural News) The film industry and mainstream media are now openly promoting Satan [...]
17 Aug 09:51
As has become standard in such cases, the charter contains no definition of what [...]
17 Aug 09:49
An advertisement comparing male astronauts with a woman sitting by a pram is among the first casualties of a British ban on gender stereotypes in advertising. The ad, for Volkswagen, was investigated [...]
17 Aug 09:05
Ansar Allah targeted the Abha airport with several Qasef K2 loitering munitions; Ansar Allah fired a Zilzal-1 missile on positions...The post Military Situation In Yemen On August 17, 2019 (Map [...]
17 Aug 08:58
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces are developing an advance on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly...The post Syrian Army Developing Advance In Southern Idlib (Map, Video) [...]
17 Aug 07:52
Foremost among the lugenpresse that writes slurs and propaganda demonizing white and “straight” people is a rag called Salon. Its very name denotes some sort of snobby cosmopolitanism. [...]
17 Aug 07:19
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge Last month China’s military predictably slammed Washington’s recent approval to send $2.2 billion in arms to Taiwan,...The post Trump Approves $8BN Sale [...]
17 Aug 03:02
US Air Force Begins Flight Operations Out of Niger | New base meant to support intelligence operations in West Africa The post US Air Force Begins Flight Operations Out of Niger appeared first [...]
17 Aug 02:25
Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,When Washington announced a few weeks ago the formation of a maritime “international coalition” to “protect shipping” in the [...]
17 Aug 01:45
Authored by Martin Sieff via The Strategic Culture Foundation,Russian President Vladimir Putin’s June 27 interview with the Financial Times newspaper in London stating that liberal internationalism [...]
17 Aug 01:42
By Chris Mishevski Most people know that the NSA spies on Americans thanks to the revelations by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers. But the [...]
17 Aug 01:39
US Court Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Tanker, Oil From Gibraltar | Gibraltar has agreed that Grace 1 tanker can leaveThe post US Court Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Tanker, Oil From [...]
17 Aug 01:35
By Jake Johnson Civil liberties groups and privacy advocates raised alarm Thursday after the Trump administration called on Congress to reauthorize an NSA mass [...]
17 Aug 01:29
By Tyler Durden A New York medical examiner announced on Friday that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell, according [...]
17 Aug 00:30
2019/08/17 00:30:02Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic [...]
17 Aug 00:26
A suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) struck late on August 16 the town of...The post Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Attacks New Army Positions In [...]
17 Aug 00:25
Authored by Mac Slavo via,A superbug, first discovered in a hospital, is evolving to thrive on the sugar-rich diets common in the United States. Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile) [...]
17 Aug 00:15
J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D, Glass Harp / glasharfe (part 1/2) J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D, Glass Harp / [...]
16 Aug 23:54
Late on August 16, unknown Palestinian gunmen launched at least one rocket from the Gaza Strip at Israel territory. The...The post Israeli Military Intercepts Rocket Launched From Gaza, Strikes Hamas [...]
16 Aug 23:45
Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,All of a sudden, it seems like the mainstream media just can’t stop talking about “the coming recession”. If you go to Google News and [...]
16 Aug 23:05
Authored by Daniel Greenfield via Sultan Knish blog,Mass murder is not a gun control problem. In 2003, Kim Dae-han, a middle-aged taxi driver, killed 192 people and left 151 others wounded, by [...]
16 Aug 22:35
His style employed Russian folk song and lore along with exotic harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements in a practice known as musical [...]
16 Aug 22:25
Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,This article contains content that some may find distressing.Jeffrey Epstein “was” apparently a serial molester of children. He had [...]
16 Aug 21:45
Via,Silver prices have lagged gold prices since 2017 which has pushed the gold-to-silver ratio close to the all-time high. Silver prices are also significantly below what is predicted [...]
16 Aug 21:36
Democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker has vowed to create a White House office to combat “hate crimes” if elected President. Booker says he will make fighting white supremacy and [...]
16 Aug 21:34
The annual financial report of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos for the year 2018 was just finalized and published. The average...The post Russian State Corporations: Top Margin Vs Penny-Ante [...]
16 Aug 21:31
Days after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead by apparent suicide in his jail cell, new details linking his accused underage girl procurer to Hollywood actor George Clooney have been revealed. In a [...]
16 Aug 21:19
Jeffrey Epstein’s body has been claimed from the Medical Examiners Office in New York by an anonymous “associate,” according to reports. The person who claimed the dead 66-year-old [...]
16 Aug 21:08
Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says its time for Americans to debate on whether or not to ban assault weapons. McMillon made the comments Thursday in the retailer’s quarterly earnings report, [...]
16 Aug 21:05
Authored by Simon Black via,Welcome to our Friday roll up, where we highlight the most interesting, absurd, and concerning stories we are following this week.New Zealand officially [...]
16 Aug 21:04
President Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark in a bold move to expand US territory. The president has reportedly spoken to his aides regarding the purchase, asking them to investigate [...]
16 Aug 20:55
Child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein deployed a $100k concrete truck to his private island, aka “pedo island,” shortly before his arrest, according to reports. The billionaire pedophile [...]
16 Aug 20:42
Activist Post Response To NewsGuard’s Request About Editorial Practices By Activist Post Editors Activist Post is being considered for NewsGuard’s exclusive “conspiracy” news [...]
16 Aug 20:31
Late on August 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces liberated the villages of Khirbat Abidin, Hursh...The post Map Update: Recent Gains Of Syrian Army In Southern Idlib appeared first [...]
16 Aug 20:30
India has hinted at the possibility of changing its “No First Use” policy on nuclear weapons, amid escalating tensions with Pakistan. India’s defense minister Rajnath Singh warned that while [...]
16 Aug 19:57
On August 15th, Pakistan’s Army reported that Indian troops had fired across the Line of Control in Kashmir. Pakistan responded...The post India And Pakistan Once Again Exchange Fire Along Kashmir [...]
16 Aug 19:52
On August 16th, Hong Kong is bracing for another weekend of “pro-democracy” protests. US President Donald Trump pitched in, suggesting...The post China Warns Rioters Ahead Of Another Weekend Of [...]
16 Aug 19:50
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone,The ridiculous corporate media freakout over Senator Bernie Sanders’ entirely legitimate accusations of pro-establishment bias continues today, with shrill, absurd [...]
16 Aug 19:38
Units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces, backed up by the Syrian Air Force and the...The post Syrian War Report – August 16, 2019: Militant Groups Lose Lots Of Equipment In [...]
16 Aug 19:36
The Houthis announced in the late hours of August 16 that they had launched several Qasef-2K suicide unmanned aerial vehicles...The post Houthi Suicide Drones Strike “Sensitive Military Targets” [...]
16 Aug 19:34
US President Donald Trump has stated on multiple occasions his desire to acquire Greenland, according to The Wall Street Journal Apart from to its beauty and natural resources, Greenland, an [...]
16 Aug 19:27
Muslims recently celebrated Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival that involves killing large numbers of helpless animals (sheep, goats, cows, camels) that are forced to have their necks cut so they [...]
16 Aug 18:56
(Natural News) You can find lemon water in restaurants and day spas as an alternative to [...]
16 Aug 18:56
(Natural News) Researchers previously created an exotic form of magnesium called [...]
16 Aug 18:55
(Natural News) Eggs are one of the most common causes of food allergies. A person can [...]
16 Aug 18:55
Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,“Who are these people?”In a rare interview regarding his health, Senator Rand Paul told Fox News that he is still recovering from being violently attacked [...]
16 Aug 18:37
The FDA just approved the third and final part of a new drug regiment show to cure the deadliest strain of tuberculosis. The treatment regiment involves taking five pills every day for six months [...]
16 Aug 18:35
The New York Police Department is growing a massive DNA database of thousands of genetic profiles, The New York Times reports. DNA samples were sourced from convicts and even from people who were [...]
16 Aug 18:24
Ernst Zundel interviewed Dr. Faurrison on the process that led to the university professor to question the official history of WW2, which led to a life of persecution for [...]
16 Aug 18:11
By Nicholas West Unlike my previous post that took a lighthearted look at the newest Robo-Dog on the market, which has a Doberman head [...]
16 Aug 18:00
The National Syrian Army (NSA) will send large reinforcements to Greater Idlib in order to help the militants there fend...The post Turkey’s National Syrian Army Will Send Reinforcements To Idlib [...]
16 Aug 17:50
Scientists believe they witnessed the explosion of the most massive star to ever detonate into a supernova. The European Space Agency scientists actually spotted the stellar explosion, dubbed [...]
16 Aug 17:39
The Lebanese military has received on August 16 dozens of Humvee armored vehicles as a part of a new U.S....The post Lebanese Army Receives 150 Humvee Vehicles From U.S. (Photos) appeared first on [...]
16 Aug 17:29
By Nicholas West While I don’t subscribe to the idea that there are inherently bad breeds of dogs, Hollywood has done its best to [...]
16 Aug 17:20
(Natural News) Mulberry is a plant traditionally cultivated in Korea, China, and Japan for [...]
16 Aug 17:12
In the afternoon of August 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced northwest of the key town of Khan Shaykhun...The post Syrian Army Captures Three New Villages Northwest Of Khan Shaykhun appeared [...]
16 Aug 16:50
By B.N. Frank Tens of millions of utility Smart Meters have been installed in the U.S. and around the world so there’s a good [...]
16 Aug 16:31
It’s no P-5000 Powered Work Loader but these robotic shorts sure look sleek. Even before the Alien franchise, exoskeletons have been conceptualized as a tool to aid humanity. Wearable robotics are [...]
16 Aug 16:26
From 1943 until early 1947 Western countries, led by Britain and the United States, forcibly returned nearly two and a half million prisoners of war and refugees to the Soviet [...]
16 Aug 16:20
Op-Ed by Susan Boskey As someone who attended the Woodstock Festival in 1969, I write this on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of [...]
16 Aug 16:20
By Mike Gleason “No China Trade Deal Until 2020, Maybe 2021… Maybe Never” Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome back Gordon [...]
16 Aug 16:06
By Rezwan On August 5, India’s BJP-led government revoked Article 370 of the Indian constitution that gave special autonomy status to the disputed state [...]
16 Aug 16:05
Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars. Like, he really wants to drop a big ol’ nuclear bomb on the Red Planet, and he took to Twitter to share his enthusiasm for the idea on Thursday night. Though he never [...]
16 Aug 15:40
Virgin Galactic revealed on Thursday what its spaceport at its new New Mexico home looks like — and it’s a beautiful vision of the airport lounge’s space successor. The company moved to the [...]
16 Aug 15:30
If living a longer healthier life is something that appeals to you, you’re not alone. According to data released by the World Health Organization’s World Report on Ageing and Health, even though [...]
16 Aug 15:21
Facebook wants to expand its fact-checking initiative to Instagram, claiming that it will investigate Instagram memes and posts being used to spread misinformation. But it probably won’t work out [...]
16 Aug 15:12
In an attempt to convince its two billion users that it cares about their privacy — pinky swear — Facebook has decided to open a number of pop-up cafes across the UK to give people a privacy [...]
16 Aug 14:55
Via The Conservative Treehouse,Finally an economic analyst gets prime-time media pundits to listen as he describes the fundamental difference between the U.S. “Economy” (Main Street) and the U.S. [...]
16 Aug 14:39
By Caitlin Johnstone The ridiculous corporate media freakout over Senator Bernie Sanders’ entirely legitimate accusations of pro-establishment bias continues today, with shrill, absurd new [...]
16 Aug 14:23
In another Facebook scandal of the year, the company has been accused of paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its [...]
16 Aug 14:03
A new report released by Austrian intelligence says that radical Islamic terrorism is still the most pressing security issue in the country, with returned ISIS fighters being a primary concern. [...]
16 Aug 14:00
By Emma Fiala An attorney who had visited Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) said Jeffrey Epstein spent at least two hours alone in a [...]
16 Aug 13:53
By Garfield Benjamin, Solent University Not content with monitoring almost everything you do online, Facebook now wants to read your mind as well. The [...]
16 Aug 13:48
By Jamie Williams The California Supreme Court just rejected the government’s attempt to require a youth probationer, as a condition of release, to submit [...]
16 Aug 12:32
A German judge has ordered Italy’s National Populist interior minister Matteo Salvini to take down a photo of an open-borders NGO activist or face a massive fine. According to Italy’s Il Giornale [...]
16 Aug 12:31
Nothing will compensate for the horrific crimes that Savile, his collaborators and his “clientele”, many of them admired public figures, have committed against [...]
16 Aug 11:58
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) suffered from heavy losses on August 15 while repelling the militants’ attack on the town...The post Militants Missile Strikes Destroyed Several Syrian Army Vehicles In [...]
16 Aug 11:02
A Muslim man has hit out at the sandwich shop chain Pret a Manger after discovering his favorite sandwich is not halal. Khalid Qadeer, from London, has been eating the chain’s tuna, mayo & [...]
16 Aug 10:49
Prince Andrew along with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson were spotted leaving a private jet at Malaga Airport on August 14th. The two are said to have been coming from Farnborough Airport in Hampshire. [...]
16 Aug 10:39
On August 16, the Russian Defense Ministry released an extended video showing a first flight of the Okhotnik heavy unmanned combat...The post Russian Military Releases Extended Video Showing First [...]
16 Aug 10:32
Abu Salman al-Belarusi, leader and founder of Jihadi mercenary group Malhama Tactical, was reportedly killed in a Syrian airstrike. Several...The post Leader Of Malhama Tactical Jihadi Mercenary [...]
16 Aug 09:57
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge The US Army has dramatically ramped up efforts to develop the next hypersonic weapon in a...The post US Army Discloses New Details About Hypersonic Weapon appeared [...]
16 Aug 09:52
The Syrian Army and the Tiger forces cotninue to develop their advance in southern Idlib apparently seeking to outflank the...The post In Maps: Syrian Army Pushes Further To Isolate Khan Shaykhun [...]
16 Aug 09:21
Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review When Zelenskii came to power, there were two fundamental options...The post The Saker: Ukie Nationalism vs Otto von Bismarck appeared first [...]
16 Aug 09:06
Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog The ridiculous corporate media freakout over Senator Bernie Sanders’ entirely legitimate accusations of...The post Caitlin Johnstone: [...]
16 Aug 08:02
A source inside of France’s Interior Ministry claims that Macron is currently trying to negotiate an agreement that, if reached, would see 151 migrants who are currently onboard the ‘Open Arms’ [...]
16 Aug 07:30
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,Muslim taxi drivers in Austria are refusing to transport blind people with guide dogs because dogs are seen as being unclean in Islamic culture.Tiroler [...]
16 Aug 07:05
The document dump that Project Veritas received from a Google insider can be found here. A topic close to our heart is the memory holing of conspiracy-query videos on YouTube. We discussed the [...]
16 Aug 06:00
Authored by Adam Valavanis via,In recent years, West Africa has been considered a relative oasis of stability in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the region faces a multitude of [...]
16 Aug 04:57
‘It’s an exciting evolution.’ By Paul Joseph Watson | 14 August 2019 INFOWARS — CNN’s Anderson Cooper said during an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that he [...]
16 Aug 04:41
10 August 2019 ABC 7 NEWS — City officials in Modesto denied a permit for a proposed “Straight Pride Event” on Friday. After weeks of debate, the City Council says organizers did [...]
16 Aug 04:24
(Natural News) Almonds are a nutritious superfood that has been around for thousands of [...]
16 Aug 04:19
(Natural News) With every federal judge’s nationwide injunction preventing POTUS Donald [...]
16 Aug 03:45
Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,Geopolitics is based on the nature of politics and relations defined by the real spaces in which we live. Over time thanks to technology [...]
16 Aug 03:36
Trump to Meet Top Officials to Discuss Afghan Peace Deal | Deal could be finalized in a matter of daysThe post Trump to Meet Top Officials to Discuss Afghan Peace Deal appeared first on News [...]
16 Aug 02:39
(Natural News) There are several dietary methods to prevent hypertension, to halt the [...]
16 Aug 02:25
Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,If that headline sounds really bad to you, that is because the situation that we are facing is really bad. Over the past few months, [...]
16 Aug 02:11
Joint Saudi-UAE Delegation in South Yemen to Discuss Separatists | Yemen govt demands separatists pull out of Aden The post Joint Saudi-UAE Delegation in South Yemen to Discuss Separatists [...]
16 Aug 01:45
Authored by Alastair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation,Conflict is popping up everywhere: A major portion of the Turkish army stands ready to invade parts of Syria (though invasion may have [...]
04:05Russia Hoax Coup and Epstein Interlocked – Kevin Shipp (Part #1)
By Greg Hunter’s (Click Here for Part# 2)  Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the Russian hoax and attempted coup of President Trump and the sex trafficking case [...]
04:05Fed Out to Get President Trump – Kevin Shipp (Part #2)
By Greg Hunter’s (Click here for Part #1) Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp thinks the Fed rate hikes throughout Trump’s two and a half years in office are a way to [...]
Aug 17
Are Gene Edited Cows or Humans What We Really Need?
Scientists using the “second generation” of genetic manipulation technology have used gene-editing to alter the DNA of breed of cattle so that they supposedly do not grow horns. At around the [...]
Aug 17
Hong Kong: Chaos Before the Order
Aug 17
DPRK’s Fourth Short Range Missile Launch and the International Reaction
Early in the morning of August 6, North Korea conducted a new series of missile launches, the fourth incident over the last two weeks. Short-range missiles (presumably the same type as those that [...]
Aug 17
US Seeks to Become World Political Schemers
On an practically daily basis, representatives of the present political élite of Washington and US media voice accusations of Russia, China and some other countries which allegedly try “to [...]
Aug 17
PATRICK LAWRENCE: Hong Kong’s Inevitable Showdown
This reckoning with Beijing’s authority was baked into the cake 22 years ago when the Union Jack came down over Government House. By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News It is impossible [...]
Aug 16
Turkey & the US: Far from Allies in Syria
The recent agreement between the US and Turkey regarding the creation of a “safe-zone” in Syria notwithstanding, the underlying divergence of interests between the two countries continues to [...]
Aug 16
WATCH CN LIVE!: Webb on Epstein and the Guardian, the NYT and WikiLeaks: Episode 6 at 2pm EDT
Watch Episode 6 of CN Live! today at 2pm EDT. Whitney Webb’s powerful interview on Epstein and Mark Davis on The Guardian, the NYT, WikiLeaks and the publication of the Afghan War Logs.Read [...]
Aug 16
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Lied about Michael Brown’s Death, Calling It “Murder”
According to the Department of Justice under President Obama, an extensive investigation found that Brown had not been murdered and that he probably had attacked Police Officer Wilson first, reaching [...]
Aug 16
California School District Will Not Allow Parents To Opt Children Out Of LGBTQ Content
Murietta School District will not allow parents to opt their children out of classes containing LGBTQ content, which is impossible because LGBTQ content is infused throughout the curricula, including [...]
Aug 16
Philadelphia Mass Shooter Who Injured Six Cops Doesn’t Fit the Leftist Narrative
Hill has an extensive criminal history, and has been convicted six times on charges that involved illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault. He has been in and out of prison [...]
Aug 16
“Blackwashing Google”
The media is filled with attacks on Google Corporation and “whistleblowers” who now tell us that Google has just begun interfering in politics because it hates Donald Trump and will do anything [...]
Aug 16
Pakistan: Prime Minister I. Khan Visits the US
There was an atmosphere of euphoria in Pakistan, and flattering epithets met Prime Minister Imran Khan during his official visit to Washington in July 2019. At the height of the trade war with China, [...]
Aug 16
GE Fraud, DB Trouble & Bo Polny on Coming Biblical Market Crash
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 396 8.16.19) If you wanted another sign the economy is not doing well, look no further than the latest allegations General Electric is a “bigger fraud than [...]
Aug 15
History Runs in Zig-Zags: Crisis in Kashmir, Hope in Argentina
As one door  bangs shut in Kashmir, another opens in Argentina, writes Vijay Prashad. By Vijay Prashad Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research As one door sharply bangs shut in Kashmir, [...]
Aug 15
Trump-Boris Trade Deal: The Brexit Endgame is Becoming Clear
Patrick Henningsen | The Brexit endgame is now becoming [...]
Aug 15
The World is Angry
I haven’t done a comparative study, but it’s probably safe to say that rarely has there been so much anger during relatively ‘peaceful’ times, in so many countries in both the [...]
Aug 15
Blaming Each Other for Backing Terrorism
The two sides of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)’s Qatar rift are far from reconciling as both accuse the other of supporting terrorism, reports Giorgio Cafiero.  By Giorgio Cafiero Special to [...]
Aug 15
Hours Before Windows Were Shot Out at San Antonio ICE Facility, Protesters in Florida Hurled Threats against ICE Contractors.
Democrats want to abolish ICE because the Party is pushing for open borders so new voters can flip the electoral college, especially in Texas. If they succeed, they plan on winning all national [...]
Aug 15
US: Democrat Senators Threaten Supreme Court to Either “Heal” or Face Drastic Restructuring
Democrat Senators threatened the Supreme Court to either "heal" or the public will demand increasing the number of justices so the present Conservative 5-4 majority will become the minority. [...]
Aug 15
The ‘Mayor of Skid Row’ Says Los Angeles Has a Homeless Problem Because Politicians Get Money from Keeping It, Not Solving It.
Jeff calls the politicians, developers, and non-profit agencies that flourish in this racket "poverty pimps," because homeless people are a commodity - something you use to make money. He says the LA [...]
Aug 15
US-Turkey Showdown on Kurdish Security Zone
We have all been here before. Turkey has troops lined up on the Syrian northeast border and announced it will proceed alone with its incursion against the Kurds if it does not get cooperation with [...]
Aug 15
Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein
In this in-depth exploration of the death (?) of Jeffrey Epstein (?), James and The Corbett Report community members tackle 3 questions: What do we know about this incident? What do we not know? And [...]
Aug 15
America’s Social-Media Sites Suppress Freedom of Speech by Silencing Scientific Publications
In late July, under the pretext of fighting “deceptive publications” Facebook deleted the official page of the New Eastern Outlook analytical discussion journal of the Institute of Oriental [...]
Aug 15
Korea-Japan Relations Plunge: Japan Strikes Again
The trade war between Japan and South Korea caused by the decision of Seoul to ignore the results of the 1965 Agreement is reaching a new level. As expected, all attempts to somehow de-escalate the [...]
Aug 14
THE ANGRY ARAB: Armies & Politics in the Middle East
As`ad AbuKhalil reviews Middle East rulers’ reasons for distrusting their own militaries.    By As`ad AbuKhalil Special to Consortium News A close association between armies and politics has [...]
Aug 14
US Meddling Continues in Cambodia, But With Setbacks
Two Cambodian employees of US government-funded “Radio Free Asia” (RFA) face espionage charges for continuing to work for the foreign information operation even after the Cambodian [...]
Aug 14
Mass Shootings in the White Noise of Anywhere USA
Phil Rockstroh muses on how the impulse to possess an unlimited number of firearms fits into the late-imperium scheme of things.  By Phil Rockstroh  Special to Consortium News The U.S.  is less of [...]
Aug 14
Episode 361 – Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein
Aug 14
San Antonio: Shots Fired at ICE Building Blamed on Political Rhetoric and Media Misinformation about ICE
Officials blame misinformation and hostile rhetoric of the media, politicians, and activist groups for the violence. [...]
Aug 14
Northern Mariana Islands, a Commonwealth of the US, Is Overwhelmed with Expectant Mothers and Wants to End Birth Tourism
The Islands are being flooded with pregnant women to gain US citizenship for their children through automatic birthright citizenship if they are born on US soil. Relatives also can obtain citizenship [...]
Aug 14
Trump Haters Make Death Threats Against Family of Couple Who Died in the El Paso Shooting After Viral Photo with Trump
Social media users directed vitriol not only at the president’s demeanor in the photo, but also the families of victims for daring to pose with him. [...]
Aug 14
As Protesters Mobbed the Hong Kong Airport, China Moved Troops to Its Border, and US Navy Ships Refused Entry to HK Ports
Officials in Beijing refused two US Navy ships permission to make port stops in Hong Kong in the coming weeks, after repeatedly warning the US to stop interfering with Taiwan and Hong Kong, or face [...]
Aug 14
China And the Zombies Of The Past
The hybrid war, being conducted against China by the United States and its gaggle of puppet states from the UK to Canada to Australia, has entered a new phase. The first stage involved the massive [...]
Aug 14
California Schools to Teach Kids That Capitalism is Racist and that History Is Sexist
The curriculum claims that people of color are are exploited, and teaches children to join movements to oppose the system. It teaches that the entire economic system is benighted, violent change is [...]
Aug 14
Report: Google Insider Gives 950 Pages of Documents to DOJ
21WIRE + Sara Carter | Political lustration by the Silicon Valley giant has had a devastating effect of independent media outlets worldwide. [...]
Aug 14
America’s Social-Media Sites Suppress Freedom of Speech by Silencing Scientific Publications
In late July, under the pretext of fighting “deceptive publications” Facebook deleted the official page of the New Eastern Outlook analytical discussion journal of the Institute of Oriental [...]
Aug 14
The Kashmir Issue and the Annulment of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution
Cancellation on August 5 this year of the fundamental provisions of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution became one of the most important recent political events in the Indo-Pacific Region. It de [...]
Aug 14
Global Disabling Debt Will Cause Hyperinflation – Michael Pento
By Greg Hunter’s Economist and money manager Michael Pento has long warned global central banks would lose control and the ability to keep the financial system propped up. The [...]
Aug 14
JOHN KIRIAKOU: How a Suicide Watch Really Works
If Jeffrey Epstein’s death turns out to have been self-inflicted, it would represent a complete breakdown in the system that was supposed to protect him. By John Kiriakou Special to Consortium News [...]
Aug 14
Epstein’s Death & the Investigation of Powerful Networks
Craig Murray delves into allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and another suspicious death that the case recalls.   By Craig Murray There are a number of royal palaces and grand [...]
Aug 13
The Epstein Case: Everyone’s a Conspiracy Theorist
The only problem with the term is the meaningless use of it as a pejorative, writes Caitlin Johnstone. By Caitlin Johnstone Plutocratic propaganda outlet MSNBC has run a spin [...]
Aug 13
US Agriculture Needs 21st-Century New Deal
Three scholars look at what can be done for U.S. farms, where bankruptcies were already at a 10-year high before the floods this past spring.  Jeff Jorgenson looks over a partially flooded field he [...]
Aug 13
The 9% Lie: Industrial Food & Climate Change
Ronnie Cummins challenges the widely used official estimate of greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. agriculture. By Ronnie Cummins Independent Science News for Food and Agriculture The Climate [...]
Aug 13
America’s Social-Media Sites Suppress Freedom of Speech by Silencing Scientific Publications
In late July, under the pretext of fighting “deceptive publications” Facebook deleted the official page of the New Eastern Outlook analytical discussion journal of the Institute of Oriental [...]
Aug 13
My First False Flag Theory
So I recently recalled my first false flag theory, formulated as a joke in response to a junior high school homework assignment. What was your first sign that you were an outside-the-box thinker? [...]
Aug 13
Is the Price the US Pays for its Foreign Wars a Tad Too High?
It’s curious that El Pais in one of its recent articles has uncovered the secret that some of us have known all along – that the US represents a far larger threat to itself than all the [...]
Aug 13
The Chronicle of Yet Another North Korean Short Range Missile Launch
In late July – early August 2019, North Korea conducted a series of short range missile launches and large-caliber multiple rocket launcher firings. It caused a certain stir, but, before analyzing [...]
Aug 13
RAY McGOVERN: Rich’s Ghost Haunts the Courts
It is verboten to utter his name, but a lawsuit and possible declassification of NSA documents could get to the bottom of the Seth Rich controversy, says Ray McGovern. By Ray McGovern Special to [...]
Aug 12
Jobs, the Environment, and a Planet in Crisis
Aviva Chomsky reports on the complexities of labor’s response to the Green New Deal and little-known divisions over the plan within the environmental movement. By Aviva Chomsky [...]
Aug 12
Taiwan President Stops by in the US Again
Each foreign voyage of Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen turns out to be a significant event of the Big Global Game which is increasingly centered on the intricate relations between the two leading world [...]
Aug 12
How Sherlock Would Work the Epstein Case
Given the roll call of high and mighty involved, Michael Brenner inspects the many dead ends investigators are likely to hit.     By Michael Brenner Jeffrey Epstein is dead. An alleged suicide [...]
Aug 12
America’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster: Church Rock Still Poisoning Navajo Tribe 40 Years Later
21WIRE | Incredibly, the radiation continues this day, still devastating native communities in New Mexico. [...]
Aug 12
US Walks Away From Southeast Asia Summit Empty-Handed
A recent meeting of the 10 member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) convened in Bangkok, Thailand and attended by representatives from China, Russia and even the United States, provides [...]
Aug 12
Is Trump a Modern-Day Herbert Hoover?
Stephen Lendman | As always during times of crisis - ordinary people are the one who get hurt [...]
Aug 12
The Trilateral Commission: Helping Driving America’s Bankers Coup d’Etat
Matthew Ehret | Few are aware that it was under Jimmy Carter that the deep state, working on behalf of transnational corporations, took control of US foreign policy. [...]
Aug 12
Interview 1471 – 9/11 Revisited with Corbett, Gage and Grove
Aug 12
72 Democrat and Republican Congressmen Party in Israel on All-Expense Trip Paid by Israeli Lobbying Organization, AIPAC
Rep. McCarthy received almost unanimously negative comments when he tweeted about showing unity and support for Israel. The gist of the angry Tweets was that the politicians should have stayed home [...]
Aug 12
Pelosi and Fellow Democrats Are Campaigning in Central America — Promising Economic Opportunity and Security for the People
Nancy Pelosi and a delegation of Democrat lawmakers are currently in Central America visiting what they think will be future voters in America. Pelosi promised the people of Guatemala economic [...]
Aug 12
US Treasury Official at the Center of US Sanctions and Policies Against Iran May Be an Israeli Citizen
Sigal Mandelkeris, an Israeli-born US Treasury official, is reported to be in control of the current economic sanctions. Israel considers Iran to be her primary enemy, so an Israeli citizen in such a [...]
Aug 12
Mexican Drug Cartel Shoots at US Border Patrol Marine Unit in Rio Grande
Agents saw four subjects with automatic weapons on the Mexican riverbank who shot over 50 rounds at them. The boat was hit, but no one on board was injured, according to Border Patrol. [...]
Aug 12
FBI Document Claims Conspiracy-Theory ‘Extremists’ Are a Terror Threat
The FBI admitted that a factor driving the mounting threat is “the uncovering of real conspiracies or cover-ups involving illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or [...]
Aug 12
Multipolar World on Iran’s Side
Many people in the West are gradually beginning to understand that the days of the unipolar world are numbered, a unipolar world the United States has been recklessly dominating for the past number [...]
Aug 12
Russiagate is Dead, but for the Political Establishment, it is Still the New 42
Craig Murray offers a guide to a judge’s conclusion that claims made as the basis of Russiagate are insufficient to even warrant a hearing.  By Craig Murray Douglas Adams [...]
Aug 11
Desperation Rules Washington’s Policy on Iran
The US president Donald Trump has managed to fulfill many of his election campaign promises – scrapping TPP deal, Paris climate agreement, scrapping the Iran nuke-deal, ending the Afghan war, [...]
Aug 11
Episode #291 – ‘We Need to Talk About Jeff’ with guests Basil Valentine
SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new [...]
Aug 11
Australia’s Recognition of the Changing Realities is Long Overdue
Australia is in an historically unusual position. Cultural and social ties with Europe have been the historical benchmark. There was a profound national shock following the fall of Singapore in [...]
Aug 11
Are “Rescue” NGOs Nothing but a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
It’s a commonly known fact that seats in the European parliament are distributed among the EU states in accordance with their population or the so-called “degressive [...]
Aug 11
Interview 1470 – Financial Survival in the Everything Bubble Pop
Aug 11
Interview 1470 - Financial Survival in the Everything Bubble Pop
Aug 11
Gold at All-Time Highs in 73 Countries – Bill Murphy
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)  Bill Murphy, Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says the market manipulators and price suppressers of gold and silver [...]
Aug 10
Desperation rules the US’ Iran policy
The U.S. president Donald Trump has been able to fulfil many of his election campaign promises—-scrapping TPP deal, Paris climate agreement, scrapping the Iran nuke-deal, ending the Afghan war, [...]
Aug 10
Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered Over Nuclear Thefts?
One day after Jeffrey Epstein was tied to scandal ridden Clinton Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, in a sex and Mossad blackmail scandal, Epstein is dead. Our sources say Richardson was under [...]
Aug 10
BREAKING: Epstein Found Dead in Jail After Apparent Hanging Suicide
21WIRE | Many powerful individuals who would like nothing more than to see this case buried. [...]
Aug 10
Opposition or Terrorists: Who is Syria and Russia Bombing in Idlib?
Scott Lucas – a professor at the University of Birmingham UK – would decry with the rest of the Western media – resumed joint military operations carried out by Syria and Russia in [...]
Aug 10
More Second Amendment Madness
The late Robert Parry, founder of this site, exposed in this Jan. 2013 article the dangerous and false notion that the Framers of the U.S. Constitution incorporated the 2nd Amendment so an armed [...]
Aug 10
Modern Turkey: History and Today
The Treaty of Lausanne, which had the 96th anniversary of its signing on July 24, is considered the last treaty of World War I. It stipulated the establishment of the modern Republic of Turkey after [...]
Aug 09
Crisis in Kashmir: What Does It Mean?
Aug 09
India – One of the Leaders in Space Exploration
India began carrying out space research immediately after gaining full independence from British rule in 1947, and became the seventh country in the world to launch its own satellite – Aryabhata [...]
Aug 09
WATCH: CN LIVE! The Latest on Assange; Plus America and Guns; Episode 5, Today 2pm EDT Live!
Join us today at 2 pm EDT for the fifth episode of CN Live! to discuss the latest on Julian Assange and the problem of guns in America.  John Pilger saw Assange at Belmarsh prison on Tuesday and [...]
Aug 09
South Korea Officials Laugh at Trump’s Demand for $5 Billion to Keep US Army There
21WIRE + NAR | Moe than ever, the old US gambit in the Pacific looks destined for the policy museum. [...]
Aug 09
Knowing Putin: It’s All About Occum’s Razor
There are two things you can count on in this whacky 21st-century world. First and foremost, not a day will pass without some genius rocket scientist Putin expert telling us what the Russian [...]
Aug 09
Spooks Behind Patriot Act, Drone, and Torture Programs Unite to ‘Secure’ US Elections
A group of former intelligence-agency directors has launched a political initiative called the US Cyberdome, to "protect" vulnerable US election systems against foreign interference. Does anyone have [...]
Aug 09
Marianne Williamson Releases $500 Billion Reparations Plan for Descendants of African Slaves in the US
She said that offering less than $100 billion is an insult. She claims that the wealth gap between blacks and whites is a "great injustice that has never been dealt with." [...]
Aug 09
What Would You Ban?
So if the FBI is calling for social media companies to ban conspiracy theory content because it is "potentially harmful," then what other kinds of content should be banned from the net? Russiagate [...]
Aug 09
The Mother of the El Paso Shooter Says She Called Police about Her Son’s Weapon Weeks Before the Tragedy
A spokesman for the Allen police said there is no record of such a call and he wasn’t aware of such a call. [...]
Aug 09
Trump: ‘We Want to Allow Millions of People to Come in’ Legally
The President is repeating a sentiment he has expressed numerous times in the past. He is saying that the way to solve the problem of illegal immigration is to legalize it. Hillary could not have [...]
Aug 09
Will China Trigger Next Financial Tsunami?
With the US decision to impose added tariffs on more than $300 billion of China trade, and the US Treasury declaring China a “currency manipulator”, global financial markets have reacted with [...]
Aug 09
Dems Racist Desperate Panic, Minorities for Trump, Economic Update
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 395 8.9.19) Democrats’ hateful claim of racism for everything Trump is a sheer act of desperation. They looked bad with Mueller and the Russian “hoax.” [...]
Aug 08
Amerikkka, Kashmir Krisis, Humankeys – New World Next Week
This week on the New World Next Week: Amerikkka descends into terrornoia chaos; Kashmir descends into crisis; and scientists start breeding the first human-monkey [...]
Aug 08
Hijacking the Second Amendment
The American Right and the gun lobby have hijacked the original intent of the Second Amendment, which was designed for a system of citizen militias to provide for domestic “security” without the [...]
Aug 08
Knowing Putin: It’s All About Occum’s Razor
There are two things you can count on in this whacky 21st-century world. First and foremost, not a day will pass without some genius rocket scientist Putin expert telling us what the Russian [...]
Aug 08
A Multi-Polar World versus Border Cages
Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of two Congressional committees was supposed to be the last word on President Trump’s cooperation with Russia during the 2016 election. In reality, it was [...]
Aug 08
For Cliff May, War Pays
About the only thing the Defense of Democracies’ founder does not love about war is fighting it himself, writes Daniel McAdams. By Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute To say that Clifford May, [...]
Aug 08
Extra Time: Who’s Agitating for an American Civil War?
21WIRE.TV | A special bonus segment for our [...]
Aug 08
US Leaves INF Because “Russia,” But Points Missiles at China
We’re told that the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty singed in 1987 between the US and Soviet Union was based on claims that Russia had violated it. While [...]
Aug 08
A Letter to President Trump
“First, I would advise you against using the words ‘win’ and ‘winning’ to describe war, especially from a U.S. perspective,” begins Habib Ahmadzadeh. By Habib Ahmadzadeh Mint Press News [...]
Aug 08
Court Dismisses Lawsuit from Student Hit by Car on Freeway While Protesting Trump Election Victory
The student claimed that campus officials had encouraged the protest, did not control it, and failed to warn students of the danger of walking onto the freeway. Her lawsuit was tossed and all of the [...]
Aug 08
Neocon Nightmare: Trump’s Plan to Starve Venezuelans Into Submission
Stephen Lendman | Beyond Bush and Obama, this latest move by the Trump regime exceeds the worst of its [...]
Aug 08
Interview 1469 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Aug 08
Mass Shootings & the Gladio "Strategy of Tension"
(left, the two people presented as the El Paso shooter) The latest Deep State mass shootings and the associated hysteria are reminders that governments have a long history of sponsoring [...]
Aug 08
Interview 1469 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Aug 08
Both South Korea and Japan Accuse Each Other of Clandestinely Trading with DPRK
As we continue to follow the latest developments in the trade war between South Korea and Japan, we have noticed that both sides have been using an interesting tactic, i.e. playing the North Korea [...]
Aug 07
Most of the people in the West or in North Asia usually never think about it, but Southeast Asia is one of the most depressed and depressing parts of the world. It has been through genocides, wars [...]
Aug 07
New Fears for Julian Assange
Legendary journalist John Pilger has been to see Assange in Belmarsh Prison in London and his report is not encouraging. Journalist John Pilger has recently visited imprisoned WikiLeaks founder [...]
Aug 07
Turkey – the “Middle Kingdom” between the Two Camps
While still a NATO member, Turkey’s foreign policy orientation has made some decisive moves towards the East, shunning its decades long sole NATO – orientation. A graphic representation of [...]
Aug 07
Media Spin Makes David Gareja Monastery a “Flashpoint for False Flag”
Both history and borders are not constant. They are often in flux, especially if conflicts can serve some not so hidden agendas. On 30th July, the self-described “independent” outlet OC media, [...]
Aug 07
Anti-Gun Protesters Shout Death Threats Outside Mitch McConnell’s House
Gun-control supporters stood outside US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home protesting and hurling death threats at him while streaming live on Facebook. In one video clip, a woman can be [...]
Aug 07
Joaquin Castro Doxxed Trump Donors and Their Employers, Exposing Them to Unhinged Leftists, to Intimidate Future Contributors
The cap on donations from individuals is $2,800, so the list targets affluent citizens, not millionaires. The congressman claims he is targeting voters who “are fueling a campaign of hate that [...]
Aug 07
The Owner of 8chan Says the Manifesto Was NOT Uploaded by the El Paso Walmart Shooter
Jim Watkins, owner of the anonymous message board 8chan, says that the manifesto attributed to the El Paso Walmart shooter, was posted to 8chan by someone other than the shooter. He said, “I [...]