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Sunday 26 May 2019 - last update: 20:13:28 UTC
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Italy Bans Unvaccinated Children From Going To School
Monday was the deadline for parents to provide documentation proving their children had received 10 compulsory vaccinations and if not they risk a government fine. The controversial new law was passed to raise Italy’s plummeting vaccination rates from below 80% to the World Health Organisation’s target of 95%......
Källa: newspunch
Boeing disaster: Europe bans 737 max planes over Ethiopia crash
Nations are massively closing their airspace for Boeing 737 MAX planes over the deadly crash in Ethiopia. At least 27 airlines have now grounded the Max 8......
Källa: southfront
John Pilger: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies
Should the CIA stooge Guaidó and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies. A fire sale of Venezuela’s utilities and mineral wealth will surely follow, along with the theft of the country’s oil, as outlined by John Bolton.....
Worldwide Effort to Restrict Everyone’s Right to Travel Is Close to a Reality
According to a recently published white paper there is a worldwide effort to restrict the right to travel of everyone. And you will not believe how the U.N. is involved......
Sacrificial Virgins - The Dangers of the HPV Vaccination (2017)

The Nephilim, Disclosure & Trans-Humanism (2011)

The Origions of Oil
The Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, has been in chaos over post-election riots. Incumbent President Joko Widodo achieved a victory in...The post Radicals, Provocateurs, Fake News And Anti-Chinese [...]
American farmers have some of the most corn acres left to plant, last week, than any other date on record, reported the Crop Progress Report -written by the United States Department of Agriculture [...]
Authored by Sarah Cowgill via,So much for the border crisis being a charade – Gov. Grisham went to the Swamp to beg for help.The radical-leftist governor of New Mexico, who sent [...]
President Donald Trump fired back at ‘Crazy Nancy’ after she alleged that he had thrown a temper tantrum at an earlier policy meeting. Trump called an unexpected press conference last [...]
The military situation near the Libyan capital of Tripoli remains relatively stable. Units of the Libyan National Army (LNA) reached...The post Map Update: Stalemate Near Libya’s Tripoli [...]
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron is reportedly thinking about making a dramatic political comeback by standing again for Parliament. Friends of Cameron’s told The Mail on Sunday that [...]
Authored by Tom Luongo,I’ve been making arguments for months that Donald Trump’s trade war with China is the height of stupidity. While Trump has the power to do what he’s been doing - [...]
The Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSAD) has successfully intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) packed with explosives over the...The post Saudi Arabia Says Its Air Defense Forces Have [...]
One of the core constituencies that most of the candidate-aspirants, as well as Trump, seek to get on board is the Israel [...]
The world mourned after the iconic cathedral caught fire on the evening of April 15. More than 400 firefighters battled the flames, which quickly spread along the roof structure, causing burning [...]
Syrian warplanes destroyed a militant convoy northeast of the newly-captured town of Kafr Nabudah in the northern Hama countryside in...The post Syrian Warplanes Destroyed Militant Convoy Northeast [...]
By Matt Agorist Dallas, TX — In the land of the free, in just a month, TFTP has reported on two separate instances of [...]
By Matt Agorist Philadelphia, PA — For those who have been keeping up with the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church that [...]
By B.N. Frank This isn’t the first petition to address LED and HID headlights causing road hazards.  Warnings about blinding headlights have been cited [...]
Op-Ed by Ross Marchand As it happens on most every Memorial Day, the beaches are sure to soon be filled with families covered in [...]
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,After posting a video of a young recruit talking to the camera about how service allows him to better himself “as a man and a warrior”, the US [...]
On May 25, the Houthis media wing shared a short video showing a Zilzal-1 rocket hitting a gathering of Saudi-backed...The post In Video: Houthis Zilzal-1 Improvised Rocket Hit Saudi-Backed Troops [...]
Authored by Lance Roberts via,Over the last several weeks, we have been discussing the potential for a market correction simply due to divergences in the technical indicators [...]
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge Three weeks ago, a CNN executive suggested that talk of impending layoffs were nothing more than a “crazy...The post CNN Lays Off Staffers After Massive [...]
Only around 20 per cent of the Germans are comfortable expressing their opinions freely in public. Most feel like censorship is taking over especially when it comes to the taboo subjects of refugees [...]
Authored by W Stephen Gilbert via,History will not be kind to Theresa May. By the standards she forthrightly set herself at the outset of her premiership, she has been a dismal [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has uncovered several weapons caches during search operations in the newly-captured town of Kirkat in...The post Syrian Uncovers Loads Of Weapons, Tunnel In Newly Captured [...]
Authored by GiladAtzom,Nigel Farage, Britain’s Donald Trump character, is by far the most significant man in British politics. In just a few weeks he has gathered huge political momentum. In [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) recaptured Kafr Nabuda from HTS and its allies; Turkey has intensified weapon supplies to the...The post Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On May 26, [...]
In 1919, Magnus Hirschfeld and Arthur Kronfeld, founded the “Institut für Sexualwissenschaft” (Institute for ‘Sexual Research’) in Berlin. Both were active in the German Communist Party and [...]
Not only are the invaders getting in, they are quickly being given work permits, to make their indefinite stay here more [...]
Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid claimed on May 25 that Taliban’s spring offensive has failed. According to him, the movement...The post Military Situation In Afghanistan On May 26, 2019 [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed additional troops and equipment from the 7th Division on the frontlines in the northern...The post In Photos: Syrian Army Deploys Additional Troops, Equipment In [...]
Via Gefira,President Trump pursues a policy combining military threat with economic warfare and his aim is to restore American hegemony especially in view of the rising contender: China. Beijing has [...]
(Natural News) There’s some good news on the health front. According to new research [...]
(Natural News) Many countries around the globe are making an effort to reduce their plastic [...]
(Natural News) What if there were a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to test your drinking [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) secured the strategic town of Kafr Nabudah and its surroundings in the northern Hama countryside,...The post Syrian Army Secures Kafr Nabudah, Kills & Captures Several [...]
(Natural News) Today, traditional Chinese medicine offers a wealth of natural alternatives [...]
(Natural News) Well, it is obvious what the progressive socialist left believes is [...]
(Natural News) With the overprescription of antibiotics, it is becoming challenging to [...]
(Natural News) Imagine if a Trump-supporting white man stood accused of committing one of [...]
Hardly a week goes by that we’re not told that racism and antisemitism are a growing threat in America, and much of it is blamed on our so-called “racist” President Donald Trump. [...]
Turkey has resumed its weapons supplies to “mainstream Syrian rebels” to help them fend off the ongoing Syrian Arab Army...The post Turkey Resumed Its Weapons Supplies To Syrian Militants To [...]
Ansar Allah targeted shelters of Saudi-led coalition aircraft at Jizan Airport. Ansar Allah targeted Saudi-led forces’ positions with a Zilaz-1...The post Military Situation In Yemen On May 26, [...]
So rich in all the arts, Russia produced a treasure of great painting, mostly in the 2nd half of the 19th century, but also, significantly, since the end of [...]
Iran revealed a video showing the launch of the Qiam-1 ballistic missile from a secret underground facility. No data about...The post Video: Iran Test-Launches Qiam Missile From Secret Undeground [...]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has entered the strategic town of Kafr Nabudah in the northern Hama countryside, which was...The post Syrian Army Enters Kafr Nabudah Following Rapid Attack (Map) appeared [...]
5 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE END OF MAY Since May 1, SouthFront has collected about 54.8% of the minimum monthly...The post Few Days Left Until End Of May appeared first on [...]
An Obama-appointed judge blocked President Trump from building sections of his border wall with money secured under his declaration of a national emergency. U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr., [...]
“His record needs to be set over against that of his opponents, from Tydings and the State Department to Joe Welch and Stevens-Adams. On that [...]
Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,Donald Trump’s foreign policy relies heavily on putting to use to the tools available to the Empire: economic [...]
25 May 23:00
Authored by Thomas Farnan via Human Events,Attorney General William Barr has turned the attention of the Russia probe to its origin.  Who started this and why?  The answer, as in all the best crime [...]
25 May 22:30
(Natural News) The last few years have seen an uptick in cases of ulcerative colitis, a [...]
25 May 22:30
(Natural News) There’s no doubt about it: Surgery is scary. Anyone who knows they will be [...]
25 May 22:29
(Natural News) Light is generally considered to be a good thing, and with good reason: Life [...]
25 May 22:21
By Jennifer Kabbany | 23 May 2019 THE COLLEGE FIX — The recent decision by the Scholastic Aptitude Test to add a so-called adversity score to test takers’ results for college [...]
25 May 22:16
On May 25, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), the Turkistan Islamic Party and their allies...The post In Maps: Possible Scenario Of Syrian Army Advance [...]
25 May 22:15
If one could identify a cry common to populists, it might be: ‘We want our country back!’ By Patrick J. Buchanan | 20 May 2019 BUCHANAN — A week from today, Europeans may be [...]
25 May 20:57
The Montenegrin Orthodox Church (MOC), largerly backed up by the current pro-Western government, is conducting a campaign against the country...The post Ongoing Destruction of Canonical Orthodox [...]
25 May 20:33
    Dane Wigington In every corner of the globe formerly unimaginable changes are unfolding and accelerating. How much longer can the facade of perpetual [...]
25 May 20:24
Promoting nationalism, in a positive way, that respects other nations and peoples, would be good for the Church -- especially for Europe and the West in [...]
25 May 19:27
Written by Brett Redmayne-Titley; Originally appeared at Global Research No other country in the Middle East is as important in countering...The post The Geography of War: No Iraq…? No Iran! [...]
25 May 19:23
An American couple who witnessed the car crash which killed Princess Diana say her death was ‘no accident.’ Robin and Jack Firestone claim they continue to live in fear for their lives [...]
25 May 18:47
On May 24, the Houthis repelled an attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their newly-captured positions in...The post Houthis Repel Saudi-led Coalition Attack In Dali’ (Video) [...]
25 May 18:45
Authored by Bill Tallen via The Mises Institute,There is a disproportionate buzz about the newly signed Florida legislation that allows its school districts (each at its own discretion) to authorize [...]
25 May 18:25
An entirely decentralized network of self-defense rights advocates have taken to the internet to provide plans for 3D-printed [...]
25 May 18:00
“I do not understand why the world must follow Israel. The world has the power, but they choose to obey Israel.” ~ Prime Minister of [...]
25 May 17:55
Authored by Simon Black via,Here’s our weekly roll-up of some of the most bizarre (and often disturbing) stories from around the world that we’re following:Apparently it’s a [...]
25 May 16:51
The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on May 25 that its units are advancing on “all axis” towards the country’s...The post LNA Says Its Forces Are Advancing On “All Axis” Towards [...]
25 May 16:30
We find presented in the canonized histories of several of the demigod Saviors multiple remarkable coincidences appertaining to their [...]
25 May 16:15
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters have repelled a new attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on their positions south...The post Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, Turkistan Islamic Party Repel New Syrian [...]
25 May 16:15
Authored by John Rubino via,There are trillions of dollars of bonds in the world with negative yields – a fact with which future historians will find baffling.Until now those [...]
25 May 15:39
Fighters of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) launched dozens of Grad Rockets at Hama airbase on May 25....The post In Video: Turkish-Backed Militants Shell Hama Airbase With [...]
25 May 15:36
Heavy clashes between Governemnt of National Accord (GNA) and Libyan National Army (LNA) forces continued north Tripoli Airport and near...The post Map Update: Military Situation In Libya On May 25, [...]
25 May 15:31
By Michael Snyder We haven’t seen stock prices slide like this in a long time, and if this keeps up we could soon be [...]
25 May 15:28
By B.N. Frank The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect the American public by regulating the Telecom Industry.  This hasn’t been happening [...]
25 May 15:27
By Mong Palatino The Papua New Guinea government has set its sights on regulating social media in order to combat the spread of online [...]
25 May 15:25
By Michael Boldin While most talk about a “crisis” today is about the Mueller report, subpoenas, and Russia – almost everyone ignores what makes [...]
25 May 15:25
Authored by Mac Slavo via,A United Nations arms official has declared nuclear war to be closer than it has ever been since World War II. The geopolitical climate is so divisive and [...]
25 May 15:20
By Mac Slavo All economic data is pointing to a slower 2019.  One of those bits of data is from the manufacturing industry. United [...]
25 May 15:15
By Brian Miller “Get the weapons of war off our streets!” This may sound familiar, as it’s often heard from those attempting to pass [...]
25 May 15:14
By Rio Stockton March 19th 2003, US forces in coalition with the United Kingdom and others initiate war on Iraq in a conquest to [...]
25 May 14:35
Authored by Tom Luongo,Nigel Farage is the single most influential politician of the 21st century. And before he’s done he will have remade British, and by extension, European politics for the next [...]
25 May 14:24
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local pro-government fighters repelled a limited attack by Turkish-backed militants on the towns of...The post Syrian Army, Local Fighters Rebel Attack On Nubl & [...]
25 May 14:21
Pope Francis has spoken out against abortion, saying it can never be condoned, and compared it to hiring a hitman to solve a problem. According to the pope, abortion cannot be condoned even when the [...]
25 May 14:18
CNN laid off almost an entire division on Tuesday, in a move the struggling network “debunked” as nothing more than a “crazy rumor” just a few weeks ago. While Dr. Sanjay Gupta is [...]
25 May 14:13
For Monsanto, giant of rule and misrule in matters of genetically modified crops, known for bullying practices towards farmers, things have not been so rosy of [...]
25 May 13:45
Authored by Tom Luongo,The US sent Energy Secretary Rick Perry to the inauguration of the new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to announce the sanctions bill on Gazprom’s Nordstream 2 [...]
25 May 13:36
The Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) announced on May 24 that its fighters had shelled a “military base” of...The post Turkish-Backed Militants Shell Civilian Areas In Northern [...]
25 May 13:23
As it turns out, the jews and their puppets weren’t entirely honest with us with the inane and insane “diversity is our greatest strength” [...]
25 May 13:21
Police last night locked down the Victor Hugo area of the French city Lyon while the streets were filled with soldiers and firefighters, local media reported. Anti-terror cops are hunting a male [...]
25 May 13:05
Who got us into the Iraq war?A List of prominent Jewish Neocons and their role in getting the U.S. into Iraq and Homeland SecurityEverything shown below has been taken word for word from the [...]
25 May 12:45
Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister of Italy and leader of the nationalist League Movement, called for a “Trump-style” revolution in his cash-strapped country.As The Express notes, Salvini [...]
25 May 12:42
Airstrikes destroyed 2 HQs Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham in the al-Arba’in mount in southern Idlib; At least 125 militants were killed...The post Military Situation In Syria On May 25, 2019 (Map Update) [...]
25 May 12:30
2019/05/25 12:30:01Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic [...]
25 May 12:27
FBI Attorney Trisha Anderson has admitted that the application process for the FISA warrant was handled in an “unusual” fashion by top Obama-era officials. On Monday, Rep. Doug Collins released [...]
25 May 12:19
Tucker Carlson reported on the leaked OPCW report Thursday night which suggested that Assad was not responsible for the chemical attack in Syria last year. The leaked engineering assessment from the [...]
25 May 12:13
Los Angeles is on the verge of a devastating infectious disease epidemic in the coming months, according to top American physician Dr. Drew Pinsky. Pinsky issued the warning during an appearance on [...]
25 May 12:08
Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has warned that a war with Iran could be “devastating” for America. Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday, Gabbard [...]
25 May 12:03
Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan has confirmed to Congress that “100 percent” of adults crossing the US-Mexico border with children are being released into America and eventually [...]
25 May 11:48
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, has lost 350 fighters in northern Hama since May...The post Russian MoD Reveals HTS Loses In Northern Hama, Says Terrorist Group [...]
25 May 11:22
Two headquarters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the al-Arba’in mount in southern Idlib were destroyed on May 24 in...The post Dozens Of Syrian, Foreign Terrorists Killed In Syrian [...]
25 May 11:18
By Tyler Durden On Thursday night Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” featured rare prime time coverage of the bombshell leaked OPCW report which refuted key events surrounding [...]
25 May 11:00
Via The Strategic Culture Foundation,Over this weekend 28 member states of the European Union go to the polls in an impressive exercise of democracy. Polling takes place over four days, ending on [...]
25 May 10:51
(Natural News) Many women dread “that time of the month,” when symptoms of impending [...]
25 May 10:51
(Natural News) Pollinators are crucial to food production around the globe. In the U.S. [...]
25 May 10:50
(Natural News) The New Zealand Human Rights Commission says that the message “it’s okay [...]
25 May 10:44
Denmark’s largest right-wing party, the Danish People’s Party (DF) has presented a plan to introduce a complete halt to asylum until 2025. According to them, a five-year full asylum stop [...]
25 May 10:05
A U.S. Boeing CH-47F crashlanded in Helmand province. Passengers and crew aboard were injured, The helicopter was destroyed; 20 ISIS...The post Military Situation In Afghanistan On May 25, 2019 (Map [...]
25 May 09:57
Originally appeared at ZeroHedge The Pentagon says “the leadership of Iran at the highest level” ordered a spate of disruptive attacks...The post Iran’s Leadership “At [...]
25 May 08:59
Heavy clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue around Qatabah; Ansar Allah carried out a counterattack against Saudi-led forces...The post Military Situation In Yemen On May 25, 2019 [...]
25 May 08:42
6 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE END OF MAY Since May 1, SouthFront has collected about 54% of the minimum monthly...The post 6 Days Left Until End Of Month appeared first on [...]
25 May 08:22
Peter Aaby is a Danish-Swedish medical doctor who, in 1978, established the Bandim Health Project, a health and demographic surveillance system in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Aaby, who has overseen [...]
25 May 07:05
This article originally appeared on a new site about the Christian renaissance in Russia, called Russian Faith. Their introductory video is at end of this article.First published on Sep 6, [...]
25 May 03:45
Via National Interest,This article by Dilip Hiro originally appeared at War is Boring in 2016.Undoubtedly, for nearly two decades the most dangerous place on Earth has been the Indian-Pakistani [...]
25 May 03:32
Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen Gas Station, Kills Eight Civilians | At least four children among the slain, dozens wounded The post Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen Gas Station, Kills Eight Civilians [...]
25 May 02:57
Congress Seeks Oversight Over US-North Korea Talks | Lawmakers want talks to be in-line with Congressional expectations The post Congress Seeks Oversight Over US-North Korea Talks appeared first [...]
25 May 02:25
Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation,For the first time in over half a century, an American President has actually come out attacking the Military Industrial Complex. Of [...]
25 May 01:45
Authored by MN Gordon via,The dawn of war is a time of simple clarity and purpose.  Good guys vs. bad guys.  Cowboys vs. Indians.  Confederates vs. Yankees.  Coppers vs. [...]
25 May 01:35
By Catherine Austin Fitts Theme: Recession: What Could It Look Like? Stories: Latest Developments on Iran and Tensions in the Middle East US – China [...]
25 May 01:05
Authored by Kenn Orphan via,“Capitalism’s gratuitous wars and sanctioned greed have jeopardized the planet and filled it with refugees. Much of the blame for this rests squarely [...]
25 May 00:25
Authored by Alexander Rubinstein via,While the U.S. contends that “all options are on the table,” the media is starting to take notice of Guaido’s repeated failures...At [...]
25 May 00:15
Related reading: Johannes Brahms on Wikipedia Johannes Brahms [...]
24 May 22:54
Trump Declares Fake Emergency to Sell Arms to Saudis and UAE | Declaration allows sales to bypass Congressional objections The post Trump Declares Fake Emergency to Sell Arms to Saudis and UAE [...]
24 May 22:26
Find out the story behind this collection of "traitors" and chancers, and the involvement of the BFC in the final Battle of Berlin in April [...]
24 May 22:25
Authored by Gary Barnett via The Future of Freedom Foundation,There can be no greater stretch of arbitrary power than to seize children from their parents, teach them whatever the authorities decree [...]
24 May 22:24
(Natural News) “Get plenty of rest” might sound like pat advice when you’re sick, but [...]
24 May 22:23
(Natural News) Rush Limbaugh famously eschews Twitter because he believes that it’s not [...]
24 May 22:21
(Natural News) And there it is. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged by the [...]
24 May 21:26
Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that Christian and Muslim prayers “all go to the same place” during her speech at a Ramadan event held at the US Capitol [...]
24 May 21:24
A South African politician and farmer activist who tried to tell the world about the brutal attacks on the the country’s white farmers has been found dead on her farm. Annette Kennealy, 51, was [...]
24 May 21:23
Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was sworn into the US House of Representatives with her hand on a Quran, accused Christians in a speech on the House floor of imposing their beliefs on America through abortion [...]
24 May 21:14
(Natural News) Scientists discovered a mysterious disease that has been killing the already [...]
24 May 21:04
(Natural News) Skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis can potentially be treated with [...]
24 May 20:57
The PDF of the 2018 Annual Wrap Up – the Real Game of Missing Money is now available to Solari Report Subscribers! [...]
24 May 20:34
Other objective sources are available for those who care to look for them. Director Lambert mixed poison with honey in this film, albeit very [...]
24 May 20:25
Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,Not long ago, few Americans of the thinking persuasion might have imagined that such a well-engineered republic, with its exquisite checks and [...]
24 May 20:14
A deputy headteacher has been jailed for 28 months for live-streaming child sex abuse videos while high on cocaine and crystal meth. Paul Newbury, 50, regularly used the Zoom videoconferencing [...]
24 May 19:58
By Tyler Durden (ZH) — Not long after he reportedly agreed to send another 1,500-2,000 troops to the Middle East in yet another show of strength [...]
24 May 19:20
One of Many A global network of gun enthusiasts is using the internet to anonymously share the files needed to 3D-print firearms — and there’s seemingly nothing anyone can do to stop them, [...]
24 May 19:09
Dr. Robot Every morning, children at more than 2,000 preschools in China start their days by facing off with a robot named Walklake. The bot looks for signs of illness and alerts a teacher or school [...]
24 May 19:04
Authored by Marc Orsley of PrismFPOil sell off coming at the most inopportune time with PMI’s melting If oil sell off persists, US growth is going to contract and that is why Fed cut pricing is [...]
24 May 19:04
Drain Plug The Earth’s oceans are gradually leaking into the interior of the planet. That’s according to new research by Norwegian scientists, who told New Scientist that the [...]
24 May 18:35
Late-Empire mosaics in Villa del Casale could prove that the Romans invented the bikini. The tesserae indeed portray girls in athletics competitions, wearing two-piece [...]
24 May 18:30
By Tyler Durden A former CIA analyst-turned-whistleblower says that an extradited Julian Assange would have no chance of a fair trial in front of a [...]
24 May 18:14
Solar Plasma Scientists from Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France just reported some amazing observations from a massive ultraviolet radio telescope in central France: they managed to image radio [...]
24 May 17:47
Op-Ed by Caitlin Johnstone (CJ Opinion) — Rachel Maddow has aired a segment condemning the new indictment against Julian Assange for 17 alleged violations of the Espionage Act. [...]
24 May 17:47
Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson; Voiceover by Harold Hoover The Arctic remains one of the few...The post Icebreakers and the Arctic Power Play appeared first on [...]
24 May 17:28
By Rostislav Ishchenko Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard Source: The Rada agreed to opt for an election, some deputies are going to [...]
24 May 17:20
Authored by Marie Huillet via,Social media giant Facebook plans to launch its own payments-focused cryptocurrency “Globalcoin” in 2020, according to a BBC news [...]
24 May 17:18
Sign Here NASA just picked its first construction partner for the lunar Gateway. On Thursday, the agency announced it had awarded a contract worth a maximum of $375 million to Maxar Technologies. The [...]
24 May 17:04
Dane Wigington Corporate media, of course, does their best to spin and marginalize the geoengineering reality as they are paid and told to do. This being [...]
24 May 17:03
At least 6 (according to some sources, 8) people were injured in an explosion of the French city of Lyon...The post Several People Injured In Explosion In France’s Lyon appeared first on [...]
24 May 16:45
By Steven Maxwell The modern tools of connectivity, innovation, research, and freedom of expression offered to us in the digital age have been turned [...]
24 May 16:45
By Kevin Samson The ease of gaining access to results about one’s own DNA, coupled with the ease of DNA being databased for potential [...]
24 May 16:45
Capping credit card interest rates could lead to worse outcomes for risky borrowers. By Steven Maxwell At first glance credit cards with high interest [...]
24 May 16:40
Authored by Irina Slav via,Persistent pressure on profit margins has forced Asian refiners to start considering a reduction in their run rates, Reuters reports, citing unnamed sources [...]
24 May 16:26
Since the aviation authorities around the world grounded the 737 MAX 8 following a second suspicious crash, the scrutiny facing Boeing has been intensifying. Over the past two months, the DoJ has [...]
24 May 16:22
This broadcast is from November 21, 2006. MCP provides details of how he exposed the ADL no. 1 spy Roy Edward Bullock. [...]
24 May 16:18
Space Feud Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has become increasingly vocal about the idea that humans will eventually live in “giant space colonies” — an idea that’s been widely [...]
24 May 16:15
Fast Track A new high-speed transportation system is taking shape in China. On Thursday, state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) unveiled a prototype for a new high-speed [...]
24 May 16:15
Authored by Mac Slavo via,An increasing number of younger Americans are blaming climate change for not putting away money for their own retirement.  They say that because the world [...]
24 May 16:01
By B.N. Frank Research has already determined that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation is harmful to all living [...]
24 May 15:47
Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assured his interviewers on Fox News that the threat from Iran is totally "real" and "credible" - though he once again refused to get into specifics. But [...]
24 May 15:42
Warplanes supporting the Libyan National Army (LNA) carried out more than 20 airstrikes on forces loyal to the Government of...The post Dozens of Airstrikes Hit Libya’s Capital During Last 48 Hours [...]
24 May 15:39
If you’ve recently found yourself spending too much time looking at memes on your phone, or you’ve noticed you are becoming unnervingly familiar with Netflix’s back catalogue of obscure [...]
24 May 15:35
Mars 2020 The unmanned spacecraft that NASA wants to send to Mars in the year 2020 — if things go according to plan — just underwent a series of extreme tests to prepare it for the extreme [...]
14:12Episode #281 – ‘The Illusion of Justice’ with guests Joe Lauria, Vanessa Beeley
SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new [...]
11:00Are Rare Earths China’s Ultimate Weapon?
In the dramatic escalation of tariff escalations and trade war tensions between China and the USA, China President Xi Jinping made a well-timed visit to see the JL Mag Rare-Earth Company Ltd., a [...]
07:18Douma, OPCW, Idlib, fake chemical attacks, White Helmets – Vanessa Beeley speaks to Last American Vagabond
Vanessa Beeley | I speak about the monstrous crimes of Western-backed terrorist groups and the White Helmets [...]
04:56The 5G Surveillance Grid: What You Need to Know
May 25
Did You Know the UN Is Indoctrinating Your Kids?
Alex Newman will give a presentation at the Red Pill Expo showing how education is becoming globalized, and the fight for control over what children are taught in school is no longer happening at [...]
May 25
It is Indifference of the Israelis that is Killing People
In the past, whenever I went to (or more precisely, ‘through’) Israel, it was for some antagonistic purpose: to write about the brutal suppression of the intifada in Gaza or Hebron, to comment on [...]
May 25
IRAN: Seeing Through Washington’s Thin Game
Patrick Henningsen | What is really driving US-Iran tensions and is Washington over-stepping in its bid the retain control of Eurasia? [...]
May 25
The Western media “death cult” is dragging us into the abyss of perpetual war
Vanessa Beeley | The false narratives the media generate are there to serve a system of [...]
May 25
"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, including me," said Cary Grant, nee Archie Leach.Although a masculine icon, Grant was a homosexual, and Jewish to boot. This is a remarkable short documentary [...]
May 25
INTERVIEW: Robert Stuart Exposes Faux BBC ‘Documentary’ on Syria
May 25
Professional Assange Smearers Finally Realize His Fate Is Tied To Theirs
Rachel effing Maddow, the Queen Mother of all tinfoil pussyhat-wearing Russiagate insanity is suddenly supporting Julian Assange after his Espionage Act indictment, as Caitlin Johnstone explains. By [...]
May 25
War On Iran — What Can Be Done
A few days ago I wrote a poem about the Red Army victory over the international forces of fascism in 1945, the poem called simply, The 9th of May, about the celebration date of the victory. The first [...]
May 25
Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception
In this 2014 interview about his book “The 2001 Anthrax Deception,” Dr. Graeme MacQueen lays out the case for a domestic conspiracy in the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US. James and Graeme discuss [...]
May 24
US-Backed Terrorists “Struggle” After Returning from Syria
Upon reading the Financial Times article, “Isis fighters struggle on return to Balkan states,” you might almost forget the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was and still is a [...]
May 24
Sky News Collaborates With Idlib Terrorists To Create Syria War Propaganda
Robert Inlakesh | Sky News enters Syria illegally and works with HTS terrorists in order to produce anti-Syria [...]
May 24
How Many Times Must Assange Be Proven Right?
The espionage charges against Assange bear out what he’s been saying and should open ears to what he’s also said about the non-Russian source of the DNC emails, says Caitlin Johnstone.   [...]
May 24
Henningsen: ‘Assange Indictment Could Affect All Media Outlets, Globally’
21WIRE | DOJ indictment follows a familiar pattern of politicized indictments conjured by US government to control the global information space. [...]
May 24
Julian Assange charged under Espionage Act in unprecedented attack on First Amendment
Defend WikiLeaks | The US Dept of Justice has finally gone for broke, waging an all-out assault on the First [...]
May 24
UK Prime Minister Theresa May Announces Resignation After 3-Year Brexit Failure
May revealed she would be staying on as Prime Minister until her replacement is selected, which could take weeks or months, depending on how the election runs. Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is [...]
May 24
The US Navy Wants to Archive 350 Billion Social Media Posts
The Navy is soliciting contractors for bids for a project that would collect a massive 350 billion social media posts dating from 2014 through 2016 across at least 100 countries and multiple [...]
May 24
Justice Department Hits Julian Assange with 17 Espionage-Act Charges
The worst fears of Julian Assange’s legal team have just been realized. Just as Wikileaks’ editor in chief anticipated, the DoJ has revealed that a grand jury in Virginia has returned a [...]
May 24
Jade Helm and its Repercussions
Four years ago, Americans were told that the US Army planned mass arrests and that “trainloads of shackles” were being shipped into the Western United States to use during the arrests of millions [...]
May 24
Iran Tensions Are Reason to Revoke ‘9/11 AUMF’
A House committee voted Tuesday to end the emergency war powers that Congress gave the presidency after 9/11. Inder Comar says it’s urgent to complete that repeal process.      By Inder [...]
May 24
Assange Espionage Act Indictment: Watch 31st Vigil Live
Tune in here at 4 pm EDT Friday for a webcast discussion about Julian Assange’s indictment under the Espionage Act and the grave implications for the future of American journalism. Join John [...]
May 24
Does the EAEU Have a Future?
On 29 May Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, will host leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) at a summit to mark the 5th anniversary of this organization. The fact that this meeting will [...]
May 24
Trump Hoax Investigation Heats Up, China Trade War is On, Crop Trouble
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 385 5.24.19)  Last night, President Trump kicked the Trump-Russian collusion hoax investigation into high gear. Trump ordered “the intelligence community to [...]
May 24
Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act on 17 New Counts
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was indicted on Thursday under the Espionage Act, the first time a journalist has been charged under the Act for possessing and disseminating classified information. [...]
May 23
Somali Teens Attack Victims with Hammers in Minnesota. Mainstream Media Remains Silent.
A witness said, “It was a group of Somali young males with hammers and bars. They were attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.” The incident took place on Friday, May 17 [...]
May 23
Driver’s License Photos of Almost Half of US Adults Now Are Being Used in Virtual Line-Ups by Law Enforcement
Law enforcement networks include over 117-million American adults. It is unknown how this impacts privacy, civil liberties, or even accuracy of results. [...]
May 23
Scare Tactics in Turkish-American Geopolitical Game: Conjuring up Armenian Ghosts
One story that has received little attention is that of an Armenian genocide survivor and killer of two Turkish Diplomats in the US in 1973. Gurgen Yanikiyan, age 77 lured two diplomats into a hotel [...]
May 23
Election-Meddling Follies, 1945-2019
Coverage of the 2016 elections and the ensuing Mueller investigation provided a showcase of American exceptionalism, writes Tom Engelhardt. By Tom Engelhardt In this country, [...]
May 23
The Pathology of John Bolton
John Bolton has been saying for years he wants the Iranian government overthrown, and now he’s made his move. But this time he may have gone too far, writes Joe Lauria. By Joe Lauria Special to [...]
May 23
Taliban Wants to Ensure that the US won’t Try to Play Dirty Yet Again
No more than a couple of months ago the US Congress would discuss an act on the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Yet, in spite of an extensive amount of effort invested by the [...]
May 23
Air Strip One: UK suffers humiliating defeat in UN over theft of Chagos Islands
21WIRE | The Anglo-American empire was issued a harsh rebuke yesterday in the Unite Nations, but will it save the people of the Chagos Islands? [...]
May 23
INTERVIEW: Dr. Piers Robinson Discusses New OPCW Leak and Shifting Douma Narrative
SUNDAY WIRE | The political ramifications of this latest leak are [...]
May 23
Interview 1443 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
May 23
Interview 1443 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
May 23
India’s “Perestroika” Times
The word “perestroika” (rejigging) is at the core of a recent story, published by the popular media outlet The Indian Express, on India’s foreign policy strategy in relation to its ties with [...]
May 22
Now, the Swedish Arrest Warrant for Assange
Craig Murray spots the latest phase of judicial and media bias against the publisher of WikiLeaks. By Craig Murray In Sweden, prosecutors have applied to the Swedish courts to [...]
May 22
US Diplomacy Sours in Southeast Asia
Under the cover of “security threats” and promoting “democracy,” Washington has increased the frequency and amplitude of threats and pressure aimed at China’s partners [...]
May 22
US Accuses Syria of More Chemical Attacks Just as Chemical Weapons Narrative Crumbles
You may be certain that Syria remains a geo-strategically crucial location for the U.S. empire because its keeps working to manufacture consent for interventionism there, writes Caitlin Johnstone.  [...]
May 22
Conservative Local Politician’s Home in Scotland Firebombed While the Family Slept
Councillor Graeme Campbell of the Scottish Conservatives party, says his wife’s car was doused with accelerant and torched just feet from where they slept, and if not for a passing neighbor [...]
May 22
California’s Border Shelters Overflow, Causing Border Agents to Drop Migrants at Bus Station
Over the past seven months, apprehensions of border crossers in California’s El Centro sector rose 383%, which includes 293,000 unaccompanied children and people traveling in families. Migrants are [...]
May 22
The Euro-Atlantic Populist Wave
Andrew Spannaus analyzes the anti-establishment revolt across the West in this excerpt from his new book, “Original Sins. Globalization, Populism, and the Six Contradictions Facing the European [...]
May 22
Greek Debt, Nazi Reparations, and a Fair Shake
With the Greek parliamentary elections only a few days away, incumbent politicians are clamoring for a foothold on victory once again. In a high profile vote recently, Greek Prime Minister Alexis [...]
May 22
43% of Americans Believe Socialism Would Be Good for the Nation
A new Gallup Poll shows that 43% of Americans support socialism, but they are confused about the definition, believing it to be merely social equality. [...]
May 22
Austria’s Government Collapses After Far-Right Minister Was Filmed Appearing to Agree to Contracts with Russia
The two-year old video was leaked to leftist German newspapers just a week ahead of the European Union elections in which far-right and populist parties are expected to do well. But, now, all of the [...]
May 22
HUD Secretary Ben Carson Lambasted for Proposing That Illegal Aliens Should Be Removed from Subsidized Housing
Ben Carson said that Section 214 of of the Housing Community Act of 1980 states that the Secretary of HUD is prohibited from providing housing assistance to people living in the US illegally. [...]
May 22
How to Find Broken Links Online
Marcelo writes in with a common question: A link on your site is broken. Where can I find the information it contained? James responds with two simple ways to find broken links [...]
May 22
DPRK Has its Own Version of Iskander Missiles
No sooner had we reported on the weapons test that took place in North Korea on 4 May, than the DPRK fired more short-range missiles (of unknown make) on 9 May 2019. One of them flew 420 kilometers, [...]
May 22
The Next Economic Crisis and the Prospects of a Post-Multipolar System
South Front | The world could be headed towards a genuine bi-polar Cold War - a war of political and economic attrition whose outcome is impossible to [...]
May 22
VIDEO: SAA Face Jihadist Offensive in Northwestern Hama
AMN | Jihadist terrorists and their Turkish-backed allies are attempting to forestall the Syrian Army’s offensive on [...]
May 22
If Deutsche Bank Breaks $6.40 World in Trouble – Charles Nenner
By Greg Hunter’s Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says if there was ever a global canary in the coal mine warning for the financial system, it is [...]
May 21
A ‘Just Transition’ from Fossil Fuels
All agree that there are no jobs on a dead planet, writes Linda Flood. But the road to fewer emissions is full of opinions. By Linda Flood in Stockholm Inter Press Service The trade unions’ [...]
May 21
US Food Companies Demand That EPA Take Action to Stop Spraying of Glyphosate on Foods Just Before Harvesting
The continued use of glyphosate as a pre-harvest drying agent is contaminating America’s food supply with a known cancer-causing chemical. The EPA has known this for a long time, so the purpose of [...]
May 21
International regulatory cooperation and the public good
21.05.2019 Regulation gets a bad name in much of the world today; business lobbies have successfully equated it in many people’s minds with just so much [...]
May 21
Migrants Seize Paris Airport Terminal: “France Does Not Belong to the French!”
Approximately 500 undocumented African migrants stormed Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport. A leader of the group was heard yelling into a loudspeaker that France does not belong to the [...]
May 21
Are the US and Russia really headed towards a re-set of relations?
Some recent developments in U.S.—Russia relations indicate that the end of Mueller inquiry and its undisputed conclusion about no Russian interference in U.S. presidential has led to a potential [...]
May 21
The Media are Intentionally Distorting Assange Case – It’s Time to Correct the Record
Charlotte Gracias | By working together, we can unpick the lies, and inform public opinion to help prevent a dangerous precedent from being set. [...]
May 21
Britain and its Failed Attempt to Propagandize Hysteria
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the sitting British politicians can be short-sighted enough to support Theresa May’s failing policies, while the UK media remain scared to openly discuss [...]
May 21
How the West’s War in Libya Spurred Terrorism in 14 Countries
The first to suffer was Syria and since then the gruesome effects have been spreading to Africans and Europeans, writes Mark Curtis.   By Mark Curtis British Foreign Policy Declassified Eight [...]
May 21
Extra Time: Establishment Quietly Alters Skripal Narrative
21WIRE.TV | Special bonus segment for our members. [...]
May 21
OPCW, Douma and the Post Truth World
The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) came into effect on 29 April 1997. 193 Member States of the United Nations have ratified it. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is [...]
May 21
GooTube: Now With Less Corbett Report!
Oh yes, the YouTube filters are getting stricter and stricter. Now a few seconds of bumper music is enough to keep an entire radio program from being seen on the platform. Good thing there are plenty [...]
May 21
THE ANGRY ARAB: Iran’s Military Options
As’ad AbuKhalil weighs Iran’s position at a dangerous point in U.S. relations, but says the prospects of war are not as high as Gulf regimes and Israel want them to be.  By As`ad AbuKhalil [...]
May 21
40-year Anniversary of Taiwan Relations Act Adopted by USA
The global rivalry between the two world powers (the USA and the PRC) is multi-faceted in nature. But recently, it has manifested itself especially acutely and most noticeably in the sphere of [...]
May 21
SouthFront: Map Update on Military Situation in Syria
SouthFront | A map update on the current military situation in [...]
May 20
Pentagon Increasingly ‘Opaque’ About Military Build-Up, Potential War Plans | Pentagon reporters should be working overtime to get the specifics, but that’s not [...]
May 20
Scoundrels and Reparations
Even though it’s a clearcut matter of justice, reparations require black people to develop more of a consensus before any national discussion, writes Margaret Kimberly. By Margaret Kimberly [...]
May 20
Russia-gate as Count Dracula
Ann Garrison reviews Stephen F. Cohen’s book, “War with Russia? From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate.” By Ann Garrison Special to Consortium News “Russiagate, like Count [...]
May 20
UK COLUMN: Trump Threatens Iran, Sweden to Snag Assange, Latest on OPCW Leak & more
UK Column | Co-hosts Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson cover the early week news round-up. [...]
May 20
Iran: Power Politics Behind America’s March to War
Sheila Coombes | New proposals would effectively sidestep US sanctions on Iranian trade, and effectively sidelining the US [...]
May 20
Harvard Law Professor Representing Harvey Weinstein Is Removed as Faculty Dean
Professor Ronald Sullivan will no longer be faculty dean of Winthrop House. The reason is that the professor was part of the legal team defending former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, whose downfall [...]
May 20
The Struggle Is the Meaning
Craig Murray mulls the depressing series of events over the past few weeks involving Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador and the U.S. By Craig Murray There is no conceivable interest of the [...]
May 20
US Representative Tulsi Gabbard Says She Is Running for President in Order to Serve the American People
When she was elected to Congress six years ago, the new candidates were separated between the two parties and she was told to vote only for bills that strengthen the Democrat party and reject all [...]
May 20
A China Food Crisis More Danger Than Trade War?
China faces a threat to its agriculture that could do far more damage to her political stability and economy than the escalating USA tariff war. In recent months cases of deadly African Swine Fever [...]
May 20
Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True
We all know the old trope of the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who believes crazy things like “the government is spying on us” and “the military is spraying things in the sky” and [...]
May 20
Rapid DNA Test Reveals One Third of Migrants Lying About Family Relationship to Children
Rapid DNA testing has revealed that almost 1/3 of illegal migrants apprehended at the southern US border were not biologically related to the children with whom they were traveling. [...]
May 20
Trump Administration Backs Off Plan to Dump Illegals in Florida. But San Diego Will Welcome 1400 New Migrants Per Month.
Trump Administration Backs Off Plan to Dump Illegals in Florida. But San Diego Will Welcome 1400 New Migrants Per Month. [...]
May 20
USA – Iran: Gunboat Diplomacy Still Prevails
Again and again, U.S. politicians’ inhuman cries of fear and terror are emanating from the grim shores of the Potomac River. This time around, it was U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John R. [...]
May 19
Oman – Not Like the Rest of the Gulf
Everyone who visits this once ‘hermit Sultanate’ could easily testify: Oman is ‘different’ from the other countries of the Gulf Region. Its people are warm, talkative and proud. Despite the [...]
May 19
How Women are Used by Satanists (Communists) to Undermine Civilization- A 2400-Year-Old [...]
May 19
Episode #280 – ‘Trouble Managing the Narrative’ with guests Piers Robinson, Emmy Butlin
SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new [...]
May 19
Smart Celebs: Roger Waters, Susan Sarandon & Pamela Anderson question official story on Douma ‘chemical attack’
21WIRE | Incessant trolling and smears by western operatives has not deterred some of the more intelligent celebrities from speaking out. [...]
May 19
Episode 356 – Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True
May 19
Massive Crimes Will Soon Be Revealed & Prosecuted
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)  The FISA abuse report compiled by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is finished and will be released soon according to Dr. Dave Janda from [...]
May 19
Reminder: Neocons ADMIT They Will Lie Us Into War
May 18
For the Latest News on WikiLeaks and Assange Watch the 30th Online Vigil Live
Host Elizabeth Vos led a discussion with author George Szamuely on Chelsea Manning returning to prison; Sweden reopening its case against Assange and the other big headlines of the week.Read more [...]
May 17
CONFIRMED: Chemical Weapons Assessment Contradicting Official Syria Narrative Is Authentic
The leak undermines the fundamental assumptions behind many years of Western reporting, writes Caitlin Johnstone. By Caitlin Johnstone The Organization for the Prohibition of [...]
May 17
Waiting for Your Asylum Number to Get Called
Colonel Ann Wright reports on the life in limbo for people along the southern border who are applying for refuge in the U.S.  By Ann Wright Roots Action The U.S.-Mexico border at the Pacific Ocean [...]
May 17
China Says Its Social Credit System Has ‘Restored Morality’ by Blacklisting Over 13-Million People
China revealed that, as of March, the Social-Credit system has blocked an unspecified number of citizens from buying over 23-million airplane, train, and bus tickets. [...]
May 17
College Board Trying to Preempt A Possible Supreme Court Rule against College Admissions Based on Race by Using Secret ‘Adversity Score’
The move is an attempt to do away with differences in test scores that theoretically result from disparities in wealth and education and, by so doing, preempt a possible ruling from the Supreme Court [...]
May 17
Alabama Passes Strict Anti-Abortion Law to Challenge Supreme Court’s Decision in Roe v. Wade
The bill is intended to challenge the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, in which the high court enshrined the right to abortion as a constitutional right, though such a thing does not exist [...]
May 17
Assange Plea to Pamela Anderson: ‘Save My Life’
21WIRE + Der Spiegel | More evidence that Assange may be in danger of not surviving this long-running ordeal. [...]
May 17
Cristiano Ronaldo Donates $1.5 million Palestine for Ramadan
21WIRE + TeleSUR | Football legend makes generous donation in solidarity with the Palestinian people under siege in Gaza. [...]
May 17
OPCW Leak: New Document Indicates Douma ‘Chemical Attack’ Was Staged False Flag
Tony Cartalucci | Confirmed: Western media lied to the global public in the aftermath to sell subsequent Western military [...]
May 17
Traitors Going to Jail, China Trade War, Economic Update
By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 384 5.17.19)  Many think that nobody is going to jail for the Trump Russia collusion hoax that the FBI, DOJ and CIA tried to pull off.  Attorney General [...]
May 17
Around the Globe with Financial Survival
James joins Melody Cedarstrom for this wide-ranging edition of Financial Survival. Topics covered include Vietnam and tyranny, big tech regulation and back door globalization, the US-China trade war [...]
May 17
Based on data so far this year, experts predict that there will be 863,000 border apprehensions this Fiscal Year, though this only counts illegal aliens who are caught at the border and does not [...]
May 16
US: In Three States, Federal Courts Struck Down Laws Suppressing Boycotts of Israeli Products
More than half of US states have such laws on the books. Federal courts have struck down similar anti-boycott laws in Kansas and Arizona. The ACLU says the three courts protected the right to boycott [...]
May 16
University of Colorado: Christian Student Group Wins Lawsuit Allowing Them to Choose Their Own Club Leaders
The original legal complaint against the university claimed that administrators told students that they could not require their group leader to be a Christian who shares their mission, which violated [...]
May 16
Why Read Consortium News?
Consortium News brings you in depth coverage from a fresh perspective of the biggest stories of the day. Read us to keep up with the crises of Iran, Venezuela and WikiLeaks. You can read The New York [...]
May 16
USA – Iran: Gunboat Diplomacy Still Prevails
Again and again, U.S. politicians’ inhuman cries of fear and terror are emanating from the grim shores of the Potomac River. This time around, it was U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John R. [...]
May 16
French Labor Leaders Size up Yellow Vests
Union executives and scholars in France talk to Léa Bouchoucha about the unprecedented wave of social protests. By Léa Bouchoucha in Paris  Special to Consortium News Several weeks ago Emmanuelle [...]
May 16
Palestinian Authority No Longer Crying Wolf
Jonathan Cook reports on the bind that Netanyahu has created by withholding tax transfers as a reelection tactic.    By JonathanCook We have been here many times before. However, [...]
May 16
Intl Community Must Help Protect Venezuela’s Embassy in DC
The 1979 occupation of the U.S. embassy in Tehran shows why Venezuela now requires support in protecting its embassy in D.C., says Alfred de Zayas.  On Thursday morning Kevin Zeese, one of the [...]
May 16
Interview 1442 – Around the Globe with Financial Survival
May 16
The Revelations of WikiLeaks: No. 3—The Most Extensive Classified Leak in History
The “Iraq War Logs” disgorged an unprecedented profusion of documents, military reports and videos, reports Patrick Lawrence.  By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News For WikiLeaks, 2010 [...]
May 16
Tucker: How is Attacking Iran in America’s Interest?
Published on May 15, 2019 Tucker does a segment warning the Trump Administration against military entanglement with Iran. 5/14/2019 [...]
May 16
Interview 1442 – Around the Globe with Financial Survival
May 16
How Israel is Providing the Pretext to Trigger US-led War on Iran
21WIRE + Truth Dig | Q: Who is John Bolton really working [...]